Preschool with Zachary

 Well, I’ve since talked about Audrey. I guess it’s time to talk about everyone else’s curriculum choices in depth. So next up is my youngest homeschooler, Mr. Zachary! Zachary went to a fabulous preforming arts preschool last year, so when I started trying to do our Letter of the Week curriculum I realized that he was getting bored very quickly, often asking for more work to do, and whizzing through it very quickly. So, again, we changed midyear.Zachary


Zachary is currently working his way through The Good and the Beautiful‘s Pre-K course book. We are also using some of our favorite supplements from Confessions of a Homeschooler‘s LOTW curriculum, along with using worksheets from Preschool Mom. I absolutely love the silly worksheets! They trace the letter, write the letter, circle the letters, color a coordinating animal, and then try to draw their own! Zachary LOVES these worksheets and has so much fun trying to draw the animals. The suppliments we are using from LOTW are the Do a Dot worksheets, Zachary loves the dot markers and is so excited to work on those. He actually asks daily to do them, but he only gets to do them every other day. He also does all cut and paste worksheets and coloring pages from LOTW. We do them as we learn the letter with Pre-K from The Good and the Beautiful. He should be finished with Pre-K in a few more weeks, and when he’s done we will move on to All About Reading‘s Pre-Reading to prepare him for Kindergarten next year. We are also using the Coconut Tree from previous years, putting up the letters are we pass them off. This spring he is also participating in t-ball, which will be a new adventure for our family.

PicMonkey Collage


Three Years Old! | Zachary Orlo


Whoa. Zachary is THREE.

THREE. How? How did that happen?

He is 30lbs and 3 feet tall!

He is IN LOVE with Toy Story, so naturally we had a Toy Story themed party for our little cowboy!


Instead of saying “excuse me” Zachary says, “Beep beep!”

“I seepy.” (I’m sleepy.)

He loves “puppy gogs” and loves to give “puppy gog kisses.” (He licks you in the face.)

He points blame at EVERYONE. “Audee did it! Daddy did it! Papa took Woody’s hat!”

Grandma Sherman told him to go get a “Ronald McDonald Frankenstien.” We all laughed, because how on earth was he to know what that was? Three seconds later he was back down stairs with Ronald McDonald Frankenstien in hand.

He LOVES Mama’s deodorant and is often found cuddling with it!

“Tickle my toes!”

He and Daddy were playing and he took Daddy’s sword away, “No, that’s bad, that hurts…I HIT YOU!” then he started hitting daddy with a sword, when Daddy grabbed a sword to block it, Zachary’s stick bounced back and hit him in the head.

He’s obsessed with putting all water stuffed animals in the “ocean.” Which is the stairs.

“No, please.”

“I peed on my baseballs!” (Baseball underwear.)

“Frosty the Sherman” was a favorite during Christmas time. He was obsessed! When Mama got out her snowman wood decoration Zachary was upset that he didn’t have a hat. We were able to convince Zachary to do ANYTHING if it meant Frosty got a hat. “Do you want Frosty to have a hat?” “Yeah!” “Then you have to let Mama change your diaper!” “Okay!”

When we say something he doesn’t like he folds his arms across his chest and tells us, “Goodbye!”

He’s obsessed with the idea of everyone going to work. He wants to go to work too.

We took the kids swimming and Zachary instantly death gripped every bit of Mama’s very pregnant body he could while screaming, “I dying! I dying!”

Mama: Say, “Zachary Orlo Sherman.”
Zachary: Zachary Orlo COOKIES Sherman.

His prayers always include, “Cookies and candies.”

“I not ZZ! I Zachary Sherman!”


“No me didn’t!”

Put Zachary down for bed, ten minutes later he comes down the stairs, “Good morning, mama! Daddy go to work? Good morning, mama!”

Me: Get back in bed, Zachary.
Zachary: I need cookies!
Me: Nope.
Zachary: I gotta pick apples!

He watched Mama feed baby Ruby and he told her, “Ew, boobs. I don’t wike boobs! Icky, baby! Boobs are icky!”



Zachary Turns 2!


It never ceases to amaze me how quickly they grow up! Even Sydney kept saying, “I believe our Zachy baby is TWO. Who said he could grow up?” What I want to know is who let HER grow up?

My sweet boy is 24 pounds (no longer failure to thrive!) and 34 inches tall! He’s taller than both his sisters were at the same age (only 1 inch taller than Sydney but 3 inches taller than Audrey.)

Some highlights over the past year:

-When he doesn’t like something he says, “Ow! Ow! Ow!”

-He loves to play with balls! He usually has about 2 tennis balls and several rubber balls in his arms. He loves to throw them.

-Over the last year he learned to sign “more,” “please,” “thank you,” “milk,” and “help me.” He pretty much only uses “help me” and “please.”

-If he can’t find me he runs around yelling, “Mama? Mama!”

-This was the year he became obsessed with his blanket.


-He will try to sit in your lap, even if you aren’t sitting down and there is no lap. It’s awkwardly funny.

-One day he was wearing footy pjs and he insisted that Daddy put his Batman shirt over the pjs.

-At every meal he always says “Ooooo!” when the food is presented. Even if it’s just cereal.

-We were at JoAnn Fabrics and he sighed and said, “Daddy.” I replied, “Daddy?” and he goes, “Yeah, I like Daddy!”

-He calls cell phones “hello.” He will find my phone and say, “Here-ya-go! Mama’s hello.” Or he’ll say, “Me hello daddy!” I haven’t bothered to correct him yet. It’s adorable.

-He LOVES the song “Let it Go” and he asks for it every time he plays with Mama’s hello.

For his birthday party we celebrated with family and had a Cars themed birthday party!  He is such a funny little guy! He woke up that morning and told Daddy that he had “pee” so when I asked if he wanted a new diaper he said, “No it’s mine!” Possessive much?



After having been through a few Sherman family parties this kid knew exactly what to do! He instantly leaned forward and tried to blow out the candle I had to keep my hand there while everyone sang to keep him from blowing out the candles prematurely. As soon as he had them out he picked up the lighter and said, “more!” So we lit them again and let him blow them out one more time.


Zachary and his amazing presents! <3

Happy birthday to my amazing little man, I love you more than words can say and I’m so grateful that I get to be your mama!



Christmas with the Shermans

So it’s taken me a while to get these up. Why? Because I was slightly upset when we did these pictures. Because they weren’t “perfect.” Not everyone was smiling, I was running back and forth to my camera, that sucked I really should buy a remote. After torturing my family tying to get what I thought was the “perfect” picture I gave up and realized I had several good shots, I’ll just change out faces and completely photoshop my family’s Christmas picture.

I loaded the pictures all into Photoshop, picking out the best ones for each of us where we look our best. I started swapping before I suddenly realized: HELLO?! You’re family isn’t perfect! Zachary’s silly smile is great. But Audrey’s face where she’s trying so hard to show her “pretty” smile is JUST AS GREAT.

So here’s my family on Christmas Eve and on Christmas NO PHOTOSHOP.


copy 2


Speaking of not always looking perfect….


copy6 cop3

This year we did a Secret Santa, each kiddo drew another siblings name and then I took them on a date to pick out a $10 present for their Secret Santa.


Zachary had Sydney and he bought her a My Little Pony t-shirt.


Audrey had Zachary and she bought him a plane.


Sydney had Audrey, and she bought her a Princess Aurora barbie and Hello Kitty socks. I love the look on Audrey’s face here!


The Pumpkin Patch

One of my favorite family traditions is to go to the Pumpkin Patch every year!!! We have so much fun!

Pumpkin Patch1

We asked the girls what they wanted to do first, but there wasn’t much point, they ran straight for the pony rides. This year I decided that we would go earlier in the October. Normally we go the week before Halloween and it’s usually packed, cold and muddy. Last year it rained on us. I was not disappointed in my decision to go at the beginning of the month! The girls ran right up to the pony booth and were able to get right on! In the past we’ve waited through three pony rides before finally getting to get on the ride!

After the ponies they decided they wanted to get their faces painted. Sydney got her usual mask, and this was Audrey’s first year getting a “big girl face painting” (last year she got a stamp) and she chose a rainbow. Zachary got a stamp of a pumpkin on his face for the first time!

Pumpkin Patch

Next we launched pumpkins, and because my kids have the best/silliest daddy in the whole world they each got a chance with Jordan to launch their pumpkins. Zachary was super excited!

Pumpkin Patch2

While we were washing hands after the petting zoo, Audrey ran over to the stand where they sold kettle corn and caramel corn, and swiped a bag. She walked over slowly, grabbed a a bag and RAN away quickly. No one even noticed until we yelled after her. She looked so proud of herself! A few hours later, after we’d gotten our pumpkins and were waiting for Jordan to come back after he loaded them, I bought Audrey a kettle corn. Excited is an understatement.

Pumpkin Patch3


Looking forward to carving theses pumpkins!


Zachary is 18 Months

So I guess it’s time that I admit this…but Zachary is now 18 months.


Crazy, isn’t it? I hate how quickly time flies! :(

My little “failure to thrive” baby is now 21lbs 2oz and 32 inches! He’s taking after Audrey and growing like crazy after his first birthday.

He has started to talk up a storm! He says:
-Sissy (Sydney)
-Aubee (Audrey)
-I need more
-More (he also signs this)
-Here you go
-Uh huh
-Uh no
-Uh oh!
-Gukka! (A family word for “gross” thanks to Sydney.)

He LOVES to play peek-a-boo, and if anyone says it he instantly starts to play.

He blows raspberries.

He loves to jump up and yell “boo!”

He loves to play with cars. The girls have a Barbie Slug Bug, and he loves to go “Vroom!” and then kill it in a fire explosive crash (I can tell by the noises he makes.)

He now climbs onto chairs, which leads him to climb onto the table.

He’s finally starting to get hair!! Yey!!! Fohawks EVERYDAY! Or at least on the days that I remember.


Camping, Crazy Style

It’s been four years since Jordan and I took the kids camping. That statement should probably read “It’s been four years since Jordan and I took the KID camping.” Because four years ago we only had Sydney.

I’m talking tent style camping, sleep on the ground camping. We went cabin camping back in 2011.

The night before we went and bought Audrey a sleeping bag, and Sydney a big girl camping chair. Along with all the food we would need. Jordan and I debated the need to bring hot dogs if we were making tin foil dinners to eat. I insisted they were needed.

We got all packed up and ready to go. We get there and our camping site is basically a swamp, so we got a different one, higher up. As soon as we get there the girls say they have to use the bathroom. So Jordan takes them on his way back to the car to get the rest of the stuff we need. It took him 3 trips. Zachary and I got everything set up, Audrey had refused to use the toilet giant stinky hole in the ground.

We started a fire, everyone was getting hungry. But it was the weirdest fire ever. It burned through the logs of wood really quick, but the fire wasn’t very hot. We burned through 5 logs of wood and most of the small pieces of fire starter wood in an hour. Luckily Jordan had the foresight to buy us precooked and seasoned chicken to go in our tin foil meals, so the chicken was warm but none of the veggies were cooked, at all. And it’s a good thing I insisted upon those hot dogs because we ate them! But they were brown on the outside (and a few were burnt) and still cold on the inside.

And then Jordan decided (with two logs left) that we had better make those S’mores NOW before we ran out of fire. Only to realize that he had taken the graham crackers out of the bag and left them on the counter. Half S’mores aren’t very good, in case you were wondering.

Zachary started to get tired at this point, and the girls wanted to go exploring. So Jordan took them, while I tried in vain to get Zachary to sleep. He HATED the tent. As soon as he was in it he started screaming. He hated the sleeping bags. He huddled himself in the corner with his blanket and took turns screaming and sucking his thumb. I was sure we were in for a LONG night.

photo 2

When Jordan and the girls came back, Sydney was crying because a bush attacked her. Audrey was crying because she had to pee. Zachary was just crying, still. So I took Audrey to the toilet giant stinky hole in the ground. I told her I would use it first, hoping that it would convince her to use it. It didn’t. I asked her if she wanted to pee in the toilet or in the woods. She told me, “I want to pee in my jeans, okay?” Um, not okay. So I held her on the giant stinky hole in the ground and held my breath and prayed that she would finish peeing before I passed out. Thankfully, my prayers were heard. And she felt much better. But insisted upon not using the potty here again.

It was now dark, and we had no more wood, and it was getting cold. It was time for everyone to go to sleep. Audrey passed out quick. Sydney talked to Jordan for a while. Zachary insisted upon snuggling in between Jordan and I, and was only happy when he was snug between us both.

But Z woke up every 1-2 hours, screamed, walked around, fell over, and then fell back asleep. At 3 am I woke up and every inch of my body hurt. I am far too old to be sleeping on the ground. And Jordan is far too stubborn to ever let me buy an air mattress. Apparently it’s not camping if you have an air mattress. Luckily he was stiff too, so he said when we go camping again (in 4 years) we can buy one.

At 4 am Zachary and Audrey both woke up and were crying. By 5 a.m. Jordan decided it was time to bag it, and go home. We lasted the night, that was good enough, right? So I packed the inside of the tent while Audrey and Zachary screamed at me. And Sydney slept peacefully. We packed up, and left.

Before the camping trip I told Jordan about my very first camping experience when I was only 3 or 4 years old. We drove to the Redwoods in California. Every ten minutes I asked if we were camping yet, and was always told no. Then finally we got there, and it was time to sleep in the VW bus we drove there. “So you just drive, and drive, and drive, and drive, and drive, and drive, and drive, and drive, and drive, and drive, and drive, and drive, and drive, and drive, and drive, and then you sleep?!” Yes. “Wow, camping sucks!”

As we were pulling away from Paradise Point I turned to Jordan and said, “Wow, camping sucks!” Then we laughed at our adventure.

And on the way home we stopped by Krispy Kreme, and bough some (ha!) donuts. We planned on having diabetes for the weekend. No worries, we’re better now.


Zachary’s Birthday Party!

I thought it was time that I finally posted this 😉

As per the family tradition, Zachary’s first birthday party was at Izzy’s Pizza, and it was on his actual birthday. And I decided I was going to decorate our little corner of Izzy’s.


Those are Zachary’s monthly photos. It is SO much fun to see how he changes month by month. I’m glad I’ve been able to do this with all 3 of my children.

My father-in-law makes the most unique cakes ever. It’s always so much fun to see what he comes up with. For Zachary he made a dinosaur cake (you’re shocked, I know.)


Zachary discovered pineapple, and couldn’t get enough! That’s not something he gets from me….web3

It’s not a birthday party unless the kids are beating each other with balloons. And this time Audrey was able to join in!


Uncle Adam was the favorite, as he was giving Zachary root beer floats. I’m not big on giving my kids sugar, but birthday parties are their special occasions. And this is what tooth brushes are for 😉

Uncle Adam sat down next to Zachary (who was in my mom’s arms) and he reached out for Adam, and as soon as he was in his lap he reached for Uncle Adam’s root beer float. How can you say no to that face? 😀


Zachary wasn’t patient in waiting for his cake. He knew it was for him, and he knew what to do. I had to hold his hand to keep it out of the cake. Oh, and I failed at this 😉 He thought it was fun to be sang to, and dug right into the cake! He is the first of my kids to do this.

PicMonkey Collage

And lastly the traditional picture of the child with their loot. He scored! <3



Zachary at 1 Year


At one year old, Zachary has absolutely no interested in walking. None whatsoever. He hasn’t even attempted to walk yet. (Unlike his sisters who were fully walking at 11 months and 9 months.)

He has 4 teeth, two on top and two on bottom.

He says, “Mama”, “Dada”, “Hi, guys!”, “tickle, tickle, tickle.”

He shakes his head “no” and nods it “yes.” It is hilarious. I need to capture it on video.

He loves to clap his hands.

Even though he isn’t walking he is still SUPER busy and active. He doesn’t want to cuddle or be held. He wants to be down crawling around.

He is the first of my babies to take milk at a year old. Sydney and Audrey both hated whole milk and refused to take it until they were 18 months, so they stayed on formula.

He doesn’t like sippy cups too much, so we are still on the bottle. He loves his sister’s sippys though and tries to steal them.

He is still a thumb sucker, and has begun to cuddle with other things while he sucks his thumb. I love the thumb sucking.

He weighs 18lbs 5oz, and is 28 inches tall.

He can stand on his own, pushing up from the ground, but refuses to take any steps. If you try to entice him with a toy or food he just gets down and crawls to you.

He babbles all day long. I love his voice!


A Year in Review

Yup, Zachary is officially ONE year old!

I invite you to take a walk down memory lane with me over the last year. It’s been a pretty amazing year, if I do say so myself.