It Happened Again…

I think I lost this month too.
Or rather I just didn’t have too many pictures to post.I tend to not want to do much towards the end of pregnancy.

Well, earlier this month I had a fabulous baby shower for baby Zachary. Yummy foods, fun friends and lots of cute clothes for Z! Seriously, one of my friends bought me a tiny (newborn sized) sized dinosaur onsie. It was so cute I almost started to cry.

That’s how you know you’re 35 weeks pregnant.

Luckily, I stopped myself.

Sydney’s Kindergarten curriculum came, so I’ve been sorting and reading and planning and getting giddy about school starting in August.

And then I had a birthday, and turned 22. Jordan’s parents took the girls for the weekend and we had fun, and went shopping! He wasn’t thrilled about the shopping, but he sure was a good sport about it! :) And we also played several rounds of Harry Potter Scene It! In which I kicked butt, and Jordan gave me so many handycaps so that he could win.

Valentine’s Day is my least favorite holiday. I just find it annoying. And so pressure filled. Especially after Christmas, our anniversary, and my birthday. Seriously. So normally we don’t do much for Valentine’s Day. Usually we have a small budget so that it can’t possibly be full of pressure.

I didn’t expect to hardly see Jordan on Valentine’s Day, let alone for us to celebrate it. But when I woke up I found my coffee table looking like this.

And he bought me a pair of fuzzy socks. I LOVE fuzzy socks! My feet always get cold, and regular socks don’t keep them warm. He also managed to find card with socks on it, lol.

Back in November I cut Audrey’s hair. I also did a HORRIBLE job, which is why her bangs have been kept up for the past 3 months while they grew out. Well, it was time to have them fixed now that they are long enough, and when Heathyr came over to do our hair she trimmed Audrey’s bangs :) Audrey sat totally still, and didn’t make a peep.

And now we are just waiting…3 more weeks until I’m due. 6 until Zachary decides to make his appearance. Don’t worry, I have plenty to distract me. I still have another sheet to make, a blanket to sew, clothes and diapers to wash, Wicked to go see, and my nails need to get down. 😉


The Letter L

This week went by quickly, and without too many problems.

Something we’ve added to our counting exercises is that we now have our Christmas countdown up, so Sydney has to tell me how many more days until Christmas by looking at the blocks.dsc_1824

During our cut-and-paste activity, Sydney decided that all the spots go in a line, on one side of the lady bug, and the other side of the shell doesn’t have any. Grandpa Smith must be so proud 😉


We had a funny thing happen during the Lady Bug Builder. When I was printing off the L Pack, I was running low on ink. Apparently I ran VERY low on yellow when the Builder was being printed off, and there were suppose to be green lady bugs, which printed off just fine with the pieces Sydney is suppose to use, however the Builder mat’s green lady bugs are actually blue, since there was no yellow ink. Sydney was a little confused at first and demanded to know where the blue lady bugs are. Looks like I might be reprinting off the mat when it’s Audrey’s turn! haha.

I also finally figured out which packs I want to add to our preschool to make it stretch to 36 weeks, which is how long all the curriculum are for elementary/middle/high school. I didn’t want this to be an issue when Audrey or Zachary use it, and have them upset because their older sibling(s) are still doing school, and they are done 10 weeks early (as 4-year-olds think school is fun!)

So here are our added packs:

1. Thanksgiving
2. Christmas
3. St. Patrick’s Day
4. Easter
5. Circus
6. Space
7. Farms
8. Ocean
9. Ballerinas (Super Heroes for Zachary)
10. Princesses (Knights for Zachary)

I was able to find all the packs I need, except for Ocean. I found a few packs for Ocean, but I wasn’t thrilled with them, so I started making my own, it’s almost finished and when it is, I’ll be posting it for others to use as well! :)

It’s almost Christmas break, we have 2 more weeks of school before we take off 2 weeks for Christmas. In those two weeks we’ll be learning about the Letter M and having a Christmas week! :)


Jordan’s New Computer

Since the game came out in 2006, Jordan has wanted to play Oblivion more than anything.
Unfortunately for him, most normal computers can’t handle this game.So he’s never owned it.

When he got his extra scholarship money this semester he found out that he had enough to build himself a fancy new computer. So that’s exactly what he did.



It took him all Friday night and Saturday morning to put it together. But when he finally did it, he went out and bought:


And then he did a happy dance:




I made an interesting discovery this week.

Sydney can’t count past 13.

Apparently 19 comes after 13, and after that it’s a toss up.

We’ll have to work on that.

Since we nixed Joy School’s curriculum (I didn’t like it very much) we haven’t done anything major this week.

And I’m okay with that.

Last Friday we started work on John 3:16. This week she knows as far as John 3:16, For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son.

For a while she kept saying “forgotten” instead of “begotten,” it took a day to correct her on that.

She also knows (most) of The Pledge. Occasionally I have to give her a one word prompt.

This week we talked about what it means when we say that the season is spring.

And we have worked on our scriptures, and discussed plants (by the way, that plant has doubled in size since yesterday.)

Plus she has a dance recital coming up next week.

Days of the week are still lost on her, but that’s fine.

I remind myself every time I ask her what day it is, that right now we are just practicing. Getting her use to sitting down at the table with Mommy and learning.


Weird Roots

Last Friday we planted 3 Sunflower seeds.

Today we talked more about plants, their life cycle, and the things that come with the season Spring.

And then it was time to check on the cup of dirt.

Except, that it was no longer only a cup of dirt…


It had a leaf! I haven’t killed it yet! *happy dance*

But then I noticed something


Yup, those are the roots. How weird!!! I’m not sure what I’m suppose to do now…any suggestions?


Sherman Happenings

Yeah, I’m not so great this year at remembering to post. Mainly because I’ve been horrible at taking pictures this year. Being on house rest means that Sydney and I don’t go on many adventures and Jordan likes to stay home, thus there is less pictures. April had a total of like 15 pictures.

So here is what is going on for us. When we moved the baby got her own room, and doesn’t have to share with Sydney until she gets a lot older and I buy them bunk beds. But since the baby got her own room, and we set up the crib I decided to put the changing table/dresser in her room. Meaning Sydney had no dresser. At first I gave Sydney my dresser, but that REALLY didn’t work as my dresser is where all my craft stuff went. So Sydney got a closet organizer and we put her clothes in there. That doesn’t work either. Most of her clothes are on the floor of her closet now. So, my parents gave us a dresser they had been storing and that has become Jordan’s project.IMG_1647

A few weeks ago Jordan and I were talking and I said something about how creative Mormons are when it comes to ideas for dating. Like candy grams. I had NEVER heard of candy grams before I met Jordan, and I think they are pretty cool. =] So guess what I got for Mother’s Day?IMG_1648


Jordan’s dad said he thought it was nice that Jordan knew how to take my hints. Jordan laughed and said that I never give hints. I drop landmines. I specifically told him during our conversation that someday I want him to make me a candy gram. Jordan then informed me that is also grateful that I don’t hint at things, I always say exactly what I want. That way I’m not disappointed when I don’t get what I want, haha.

So, yey, an update!

Oh wait, here is a picture of Sydney.