Looking on the Bright Side

My husband is just about to finish his bachelor’s degree in accounting, but doesn’t have enough credits to sit for the CPA exam, the cost of those extra credits is about as much as tuition at BYU, so he applied. He surpassed all the qualifications that they asked for, and even surpassed the admitted applicant GPA and GMAT scores. We were extremely confident that we would be packing our house up at the end of May and be moving to Utah by the end of July. But then, we found out he wasn’t accepted. We wouldn’t be moving after all. Neither of us were terribly excited about moving, we both love the Northwest, but it was still hard not feel disappointed. And a little offended πŸ˜‰

So for the last few weeks we’ve been saying, “Well, on the bright side…” and I thought I’d share our list with you. It’s kind of fun to make a list talking about the blessings that come from a disappointment.

The Bright Side of NOT Moving to Utah
1. We love the rain!!! It doesn’t rain enough for us in Utah.
2. We aren’t currently packing up our house.
3. Burgerville. Ah, true love.
4. We don’t have to leave our family that is here.
5. We don’t have to leave our ward family either.
6. I don’t have to find a new Pediatrician, no one could be better than Dr. Ebbing
7. I don’t have to find a new pediatric dentist. I love my kid’s dental office!!! I wish I could go there.
8. I don’t have to see the look on the used car salesman’s face when we say we want to trade Jordan’s car in. I can delay that for a little while longer πŸ˜‰
9. I don’t have to drive home at Christmas time.
10. We don’t have to leave Riverside Preforming Arts. We love teacher Annie!
11. After 20+ years living in Washington I was finally learning how to get places. I didn’t want to have to start all over.
12. I get to use Columbia Virtual Academy to help with homeschool’ing Sydney, which will save me money on curriculum I was already planing on using.
13. We get to delay moving from the house we brought Audrey home to, the house Zachary was literally born in.
14. There are several babies that will be born late this summer/early fall that I’m looking forward to meeting!!!
15. One of those babies is baby Brenden!! I can’t wait to meet him!
16. Baby Brenden’s mama gets to continue to do my hair, along with everyone else’s hair.
17. I might finally have Heathyr put pink in my hair πŸ˜€ Maybe…
18. I get to continue to have weekly visits with my grandparents.
19. We have a Cotton Babies!! I believe the next one is in Missouri.
20. My husband has the summer off, instead of taking that class.
21. Since Jordan has that class off we aren’t paying out of pocket for it.
22. I don’t have to learn to drive in the snow. I can continue being a shut in when it snows πŸ˜‰
23. I also don’t have to drive over 60 mph. Utah has crazy scary speed limits (according to me…)
24. The purging of the house can cease for a little while longer.
25. We won’t be taking out loans for school.
26. Tia can continue making my kid’s birthday cakes.
27. Lauren can continue to photograph my children/family
28. Red Robin dates with Kim. Those would have been harder living in Utah
29. I have a friend who just found out she’s pregnant. Now I won’t have to buy a plane ticket to be here in time for the birth πŸ˜€
31. I don’t have to worry about us living off of student loans and our tax return throughout the year. Sigh of relief.


First Day of School

We came back from our cruise, and the next day school started for Jordan and Sydney!
Talk about having to come back to reality!Jordan is in his first year of accounting school at WSU-V. Luckily, this year his schedule worked out that he doesn’t have to get off work early to go to class (unlike last year.) He is also super glad because he is required to go to 5 extra seminars this semester (to make contacts and such) and they all fall on Wednesday nights, when he doesn’t have class. (After attending the first one, he’s decided to go to all of them this semester, as the point to make contacts with people who are already in the business.)


Sydney is starting her (final) year of Pre-K. This year we are doing a Letter of the Week curriculum. You can check my homeschool blog to find out the details. :) But we survived our first week, and had no meltdowns, and everything went pretty smoothly, so I’m excited about this great start!



With the HaHas!

Β Last week was Jordan’s first day of school for the fall quarter at Clark. This quarter he actually has an in class class instead of an online class. So I took pictures of it. But first lΒ Β  ook at this mess!!!



Jordan has decided that when Sydney is in one of her screaming fits he’s going to take away things. Toys, blankets, pillows, etc.


So, yeah, Sydney was screaming… He disciplined her and then went to school. He looks thrilled, no?


Look how cute :) I love this skirt. She does too, everytime she sees it she puts it on and twirls.

Poor Anjali….





Other Things

After doing more research on the classes I plan on taking between now and when I graduate from Clark, I realized that Clark doesn’t have many science classes during the summer quarter. And I REALLY don’t want to take two science classes at the same time, as I don’t do well in science as is. So my graduation date has been changed to December. Which is okay, I don’t have to kill myself to finish by August this way. And I won’t be taking too many classes during the summer quarter, which is great because Melissa is going to visit in July and I have to plan the birthday parties to Jordan and Sydney.

Speaking of Sydney, we have officially hit the terrible twos. This involves lots of screaming. And now she is refusing to eat anything that is remotely good for her. All she wants is goldfish crackers and cookies. And I am becoming more and more frustrated with her. This morning she woke up and asked for food. Okay, sure, no big deal. I get out the oatmeal and she screams, “NO!!!!” and throws herself on the floor, and continues to scream. I am not a morning person to begin with and I’ve been screamed at for about a week. So I picked her back up and put her back to bed. Told her she could get up when she was done screaming. She still won’t eat her oatmeal, so I guess it’s time to stalk up on gold fish and HEALTHY cookies. Maybe we should get really gross tasting cookies…or tell her something else is a cookie.

On a happy thought my scrapbook is almost done! For those of you who don’t know I started my scrapbook in September of 2007. I decided that it would start the year Jordan and I met; 2004. So for the past year and a half I have been going backwards 4 years. Which makes it very difficult to get pictures, because some of the pages I wanted to make I didn’t have the pictures for. Thankfully I have a great family who takes lots of pictures. 2004, 2007 & 2008 are all finished. 2005 only needs ONE PICTURE. My cousin’s graduation picture. The rest of the page is all set up, it’s just needing a picture. In 2006 I just need one more picture as well. Which Grandma Cornelison is sending me in the mail. My list has shrunk so much!!! It’ll be easier from here on out, as I won’t be begging people for pictures.

Also, Office Depot went out of business so Jordan and I went to their sale, and found their 4 inch binders on sale. So I bought one to put Sydney’s scrapbook in, hoping that will last until she is 3. That’s only 2 and a half more years worth of pages…it might hold it all…I can’t make cuts on the pictures…lol. Which makes me laugh because Jordan’s mother’s scrapbooks have like the first 8 years of their lives in one binder. That is until Brandi turned like 12…then it’s only got 3 years. Ah…digital cameras.