2014-2015 Students

Something we have always done is school pictures! This year I decided to do something a little more fun, and a lot less formal. I let the girls choose whatever they wanted to wear (which is a rare thing, I’m pretty picky about picture clothes.) Then we set up a desk and some of Papa’s smart looking books and went about being silly, telling jokes and just having a great time.

I’m pretty much in love with these pictures.




Christmas Week/Break

This week we did a Christmas theme. The preschool pack that I used is from Confessions of a Homeschooler.

Sydney is still struggling with counting past 12, but I definitely see some improvement.

She’s also gotten better at identifying numbers. When she wakes me up in the morning she tells me what numbers are currently being shown.

I didn’t realize that I had only planned on the Christmas week being 4 days long. I realized this on Thursday when I was getting ready to pack Friday’s stuff into the box, when I expressed my surprised over this Sydney replied, “That’s okay, Mama, we just won’t have school tomorrow!”

Today we did a craft (which we still need to complete) and she did her calendar time, and I put up all the numbers for the rest of the week and told her we won’t have school again until January.

We read How the Grinch Stole Christmas, J is for Jesus, The Legend of the Christmas Stocking, and Fancy Nancy’s Splendiforous Christmas.dsc_2208

I also finally did what I’ve been meaning to do since August. School pictures. I guess this is actually kind of silly, since both my girls have summer birthdays. But I really want a yearly picture, and a “official” school picture. Even if school starts 4 weeks after Sydney’s birthday.


Whew! Merry Christmas, everyone! See you in 2012!