Ear Infections, Bye!

If you’ve been around for a while you’ll know that my poor Audrey Thyme has had a really rough go with ear infections in her life. And if you don’t already know here’s the story:

By the time she was a year old she had had 8 ear infections.

The 6th ear infection didn’t respond to amoxicillin.

The 7th ear infection also didn’t respond to amoxicillin. It also didn’t respond to omnicef. So 3 weeks after we initially discovered the ear infection her poor ear drums were close to bursting. I held my 10-month-old baby down once a day for 3 days while she was given penicillin shots. Which, by the way are NOTHING like a vaccine. I cried. She cried. The poor nurse had to comfort us both. And then I had to wait for an hour to make sure she didn’t have a bad reaction. At this time we were told we needed to go see ENT.

The ENT told us to wait until she was 12 months, and the summer came. Hopefully that would make it better.

On July 3rd, 2011 I woke up to my husband panicking. Audrey kept throwing up, she had a temperature of 103 that wasn’t going down, and she had diarrhea. My baby who rarely cried was screaming her head off. Immediately I rushed her off to the emergency room and was told that my poor girl had ANOTHER ear infection, and that this time it had caused her to become severely dehydrated. I can’t even remember the name of the antibiotic they had to use that time, but the ER doctor told us that in all his years of practicing medicine he had never prescribed it to a 1 year old for an ear infection, and it would be best if she never had to have that strong of antibiotics EVER again. We called the ENT the next morning, and her tube surgery was scheduled for July 15th, 2011.


After her tube surgery life was pretty uneventful, until November 2012 when she woke up on Thanksgiving with yucky goopey eyes. The next day I took her in, assuming she had an eye infection. Turns out her tubes had come out (which we knew they would soon) and she had an ear infection that had drained into her eyes. It was time for another tube surgery, which happened when she was 2.5 years old on December 11th, 2012.


Only about 6 months went by before she had another ear infection. But both tubes were firmly in place?! We were at a loss until our pediatrician told us that her tonsils were unusually giant for someone who doesn’t have a current cold. And so, when she was a few months past being 3 years old, her tonsils and her adenoids were removed on September 11th, 2013. This was the hardest surgery of all. The recovery period was awful. My child who can out-eat teenage boys refused to eat and then would cry because she was hungry.


And then, guess what, less than two months later she had ANOTHER ear infection! Her tube fell out. She woke up with the goopey eyes again. When the doctor told me what was going on I had a new emotion about this whole process. ANGER. My child had had THREE surgeries in 2 years! She had two sets of tubes, no adenoids and no tonsils! What gives?! I had spent the last 6 months fixing her gut problems with probiotics and lots of yogurt. She was FINALLY pooping like a normal person for the first time since she was 3 months old!  And now they wanted me to throw it all away and give her more antibiotics? My 3 year old had a tolerance to two different antibiotics. AND from all the scar tissue of 2 ear surgeries plus all the ear infections she had a borderline hearing loss.So yeah, I was pretty stinking angry. And I wasn’t going the antibiotic route again, at least not yet.

I called up some friends who had been through similar experiences and they all said the same thing, chiropractics and essential oils.

And so, my long winded posts leads us here. I took Audrey in every other day to see a chiropractor, we put Garlic oil in her ears, and rubbed basil, OnGuard (thieves), oregano and melaleuca (tea tree oil) around her ears multiple times a day. She smelled a bit like a spice drawer for a while 😉  We were told that it would take about a week for it to work, and at the end of the week I took her back to her pediatrician to see what she said. She said Audrey’s ear infection was cleared! A few months later the second tube fell out and we repeated the same process, and since we knew what to look for we were able to stop it before it got bad at all! Her eyes watered like crazy (which is how they start) but never made it to the goopey stage.

Day 38


School Doesn’t Need to Be 36 Weeks.

We have entered into our third year of homeschooling, and I’ve learned a very valuable lesson.

School doesn’t need to be thirty-six weeks.

Really, it doesn’t.

It can be 37, 38, 40 weeks. And that’s just fine!

One of the wonderful thing about homeschooling is that we get to do things our way, and on our time schedule.

We have several subjects this year, all of which I have deemed necessary and important.

Some days we do great, and other days we don’t do so well.

This has made me very stressed out trying to stick to a schedule that is all very well planned out. I wasn’t giving myself any wiggle room, for life things that happen. You know the things that happen that you don’t plan for? Like Audrey falling out a window, or Audrey getting into a car accident, or Audrey having her tonsils removed.

Audrey adds a lot of unexpected events to our lives.

So I’ve added a few weeks randomly in the school year, and plan on adding weeks to the end of the school year as our “catch up weeks.” If something gets missed during our 4 weeks on, 1 week off schedule I’ll just keep going, and catch up during one of those built in catch-up weeks.

But what if we’re caught up? Well, then we get a bonus week off!

I already feel a lot less stressed!