The Pumpkin Patch

One of my favorite family traditions is to go to the Pumpkin Patch every year!!! We have so much fun!

Pumpkin Patch1

We asked the girls what they wanted to do first, but there wasn’t much point, they ran straight for the pony rides. This year I decided that we would go earlier in the October. Normally we go the week before Halloween and it’s usually packed, cold and muddy. Last year it rained on us. I was not disappointed in my decision to go at the beginning of the month! The girls ran right up to the pony booth and were able to get right on! In the past we’ve waited through three pony rides before finally getting to get on the ride!

After the ponies they decided they wanted to get their faces painted. Sydney got her usual mask, and this was Audrey’s first year getting a “big girl face painting” (last year she got a stamp) and she chose a rainbow. Zachary got a stamp of a pumpkin on his face for the first time!

Pumpkin Patch

Next we launched pumpkins, and because my kids have the best/silliest daddy in the whole world they each got a chance with Jordan to launch their pumpkins. Zachary was super excited!

Pumpkin Patch2

While we were washing hands after the petting zoo, Audrey ran over to the stand where they sold kettle corn and caramel corn, and swiped a bag. She walked over slowly, grabbed a a bag and RAN away quickly. No one even noticed until we yelled after her. She looked so proud of herself! A few hours later, after we’d gotten our pumpkins and were waiting for Jordan to come back after he loaded them, I bought Audrey a kettle corn. Excited is an understatement.

Pumpkin Patch3


Looking forward to carving theses pumpkins!


The Pumpkin Patch

The Pumpkin PatchAs usual we went to the pumpkin patch. I decided this year to make the girl’s outfits for the pumpkin patch. Usually we just buy shirts and call it good. This year I made Audrey a Candy Corn Pillowcase dress, and I made Sydney a matching skirt. This is about as close to matching as I get, people! 😉 I bought Zachary feety pajamas, I prefer it, as he looses socks quick.


We also took all the pictures with the dinky camera instead of my Nikon. I’ve decided this is the last year I’m going to do that! I’d rather carry around the big camera and get good pictures. Or I’ll just have to take them on my iPhone, because those take just as good of pictures anyway.

The Pumpkin Patch1

First we painted faces. Audrey wasn’t too sure about it. Sydney was in love, of course, she loves to have her face painted!

The Pumpkin Patch2

Then we loaded up on hot chocolate and decided to wander in the corn maze. While being rained on. Yeah, that was exciting. There were also random chickens running around through the maze. Sydney wanted to catch one, and told me I was too noisy. All in all, the girls were not thrilled with the corn maze. Sydney kept wailing about how we were going to die in there. Jordan and I kept telling her we’d be fine, we’d just live in the corn. I joked that Jordan got a badge in fire starting in Boy Scouts, we’d be good 😉 She didn’t find us as funny.

The Pumpkin Patch3

This was Audrey’s first year on the pony ride. She held still the whole time, holding onto the saddle (except of course in this picture!) and looked serious. We asked her if she was having fun, she shook her head no.


Next year he’ll be on a pony! :)


After being rained on in the corn maze we decided we’d better get our pumpkins FAST. Of course, it stopped raining once we were on the hay ride to get our pumpkins.

The Pumpkin Patch4

Audrey found her pumpkin right away and fell in love. Luckily it was a good pumpkin. I saw one from far away that looked perfect and I asked Sydney to bring it to me. She walked over to it and told me it was rotten. She kept saying all the of them were rotten (she was looking at the stem) and I told her it wasn’t. So she picked it up and turned it around and gave me her famous “duh” face. Yup, she was right, it was rotten.

The Pumpkin Patch5

There was a lack of wheel barrows this time, so I didn’t get my traditional kids onto of the pumpkins in a wheel burrow picture. But after Jordan loaded the pumpkins in the van we went back to enjoy the other parts of the patch. Including the hay pyramid. Sydney, as usual, wasn’t wanting to go very high. Audrey, looked very grumpy and climbed to the top.


The corn pit is the part that the kids love the most. In fact they didn’t stay still long enough to get very good pictures of them! Even Zachary loved the corn pit. He wasn’t happy that we wouldn’t let him eat it through.

This is only the second year that we’ve ever gone to the pumpkin patch by ourselves. Usually we go with my parents or his. I think I like that better.


Pumpkin Patch

This year we went to the pumpkin patch and met up with Tia, Cameron (her boyfriend) and Taylor, along with my mother, brother and sister.
No trip to the pumpkin patch is complete without super-awesome-totally-rad Halloween outfits though!
Pumpkin Patch

Sydney threw a fit for the first 10 minutes we were there, lots of fun. And Audrey was not amused by the bale pyramid, but at least she didn’t scream! :)

Pumpkin Patch1
They both liked the tractors…although it might have been that Sydney loved them, and Audrey wants to do whatever Sydney is doing….It’s one of the two!

Pumpkin Patch2
The corn pit it always a bit hit, and so much fun!! Sydney made corn angels, and got buried, Taylor, Sydney and Audrey took turns filling up the dump truck, sitting in it and then launching each other out of it.

Pumpkin Patch3
And then there were pony rides, face painting, and pumpkin launching! Auntie Mariah helped Sydney launch her (tiny) pumpkins, but they didn’t pull back hard enough and the pumpkin didn’t launch, of course Sydney also didn’t let go, and we all thought she’d be flying forward with the pumpkin! So Jordan helped her, and the pumpkins flew and not the babies. :)

Pumpkin Patch4
And lastly, the main event! Pumpkin picking!! Which ended with sleeping babies! Yey!!

Pumpkin Patch5

We had a blast this year, and can’t wait to carve pumpkins either the 22nd or the 29th :)


Pumpkin Patch 2010

I love fall.
I love crunching leaves.I love cold weather.

I love dressing up.

And I love candy!!!

My husband, unfortunately, does not enjoy fall. But he does like Halloween!!

It was time to go the Pumpkin Patch with my two pumpkins!

Usually we go with both Jordan’s parents and and mine.

This year we went by ourselves!

First things first, though, one must have the proper Pumpkin Patch attire.

And then we must take mass quantities of pictures of them!

Pumpkin Patch

Once one arrives at BIZI Farms, one must play on the Hay Pyramid, unless one is only four months old, than one must hang from Mom’s chest.

Pumpkin Patch1

And then there is the corn pit that will make Sydney cry.

Pumpkin Patch2

Then the bale maze, which Sydney did by herself. And then Sydney went on a pony ride while Audrey slept.

Pumpkin Patch3

And finally we have the hayride to get the pumpkins, Sydney and Dad choosing pumpkins, Mom and Audrey getting bored and taking several pictures of themselves, the hayride back the rest of the farm, the washing of the pumpkins, and taking them home.

Pumpkin Patch4

And then it’s naptime.

(Not pictured: Drinking Hot Coco and Apple Cider.)

This year was very fun though! This was the first year that Sydney didn’t throw a fit when we first go there. The first year she wasn’t scared of everything. And the first year that I didn’t have to go through the corn maze! YEY!

Oh yeah, that’s one thing about fall I don’t like. CORN MAZES.