How to Organize Letter of the Week Curriculum

Last year I did Confessions of a Homeschooler‘s Letter of the Week curriculum.

Sydney and I had a lot of fun doing it! But I had to figure out how to organize it all so that it was easy to get what I needed.

On her website she shows how she organized it by using binders and page protectors, this didn’t work for us. My laminated pages didn’t fit in the page protectors very easily, and I just didn’t have the room (or the budget) to go out and buy 36 binders (I added 10 themed lessons to our curriculum.)

Originally I used an extremely old green crate that I had. I put all the stuff from school in file folders and Ziploc baggies, that were labeled. The crate can be seen on the left side of the picture below.


And then about six months later I decided I wanted something that was easily stored. I didn’t want to risk anything getting the file folders wet or dirty. So I bought a plastic tub for file folders.


To make puzzles easier to do I added magnet circles to the backs of each piece. Well, adding 500 magnet circles to the backs of many puzzles made the already tight tub overflow. So I bought a second tub.

The nice thing about this was that I could also fit in my binders into the tubs, along with all the Bob Books.



This form of organization has worked very well for us. I would just pull out a file folder per week, and fill her bucket for each day. Everything has a spot, and it was easy to keep up with, and easy to store.



The last thing I had to store were all the books. We currently have 9 book shelves in this house, but they are all overflowing. I loved the books we used for this curriculum, so when it was time to pack away all the stuff I packed up most of the books, a few got to stay out. This tub is WAY heavy. I tried to pick it up and it almost knocked me over. I ended up putting the tub in the garage, and then packed it, so that we wouldn’t have to lift it. This tub also houses our beloved cocoanut tree.

There is still some room in our file boxes to add some of our manipulative, so as I think of it and find them I’ll probably add them to the boxes.


First Day of Preschool

Today was Sydney’s (last) first day of church preschool.
For the past two years I have organized a co-op preschool between myself and several ladies in our ward with preschool aged children. It’s so much fun, and I was a little sad that this is Sydney’s last year that she gets to participate in it!_DSC0935  (Sydney on her “last” first day of preschool!)

This year we have a small group of seven kids, and (again) we have only one boy! :)


Nothing like laughing with your sister after school. :)


Love these two girls!

(Blast from the past? Sydney’s first day in 2009 and 2010!)


Meadows Ward Preschool

Remember last year when Sydney went to preschool? Well, it’s that time again!
Last year there were a total of 8 kids.This year we have TWELVE!

How awesome is that?!

Since there are so many kids (and moms!) we only have to teach for 3 weeks. And I get to teach about Halloween! Yey!


(Sydney’s first day of preschool.)

(Sydney and her sister)


(Sydney and her folder)


Meadows Preschool

Today was the first day of Preschool for Sydney (and several others!)


Sydney loves her Princess backpack. Which she tried to empty of all it’s contents and carry it around like a purse…

We started with play time, and sang ‘The Wheels on the Bus’ We wanted to make sure that 2 people would be enough help if all the rest of the moms weren’t there. So everyone but Jamie and Theresa got to sit on the couch and watch (And I took pictures, of course!) Jamie taught the kids about the letter A and had a bag of things that started with A. And the kids made the letter A with their bodies. It was cute.

Then they split off into groups for the 2 year olds and the 3 year olds. The 2 year olds traced letters and lines and the 3 year olds practiced drawing them!

For the last lesson there we talked about hand washing. The kids talked about the various ways you get germs (Morgan Walsh promptly told us that “Nursery” gives us germs, haha!) They then practiced the hand washing.

Afterwards it was snack time and we went home. Jamie and Theresa did an excellent job, and Jamie’s lesson was planned out very good. I’m so glad.