When You Think You’re Failing

Since I’ve spent this entire school year pregnant, and then with a newborn it’s had it’s challenges.

Especially since this is Audrey’s first year doing school with us.

And unfortunately she’s gotten the short end of the stick.

 Preschool hasn’t gotten done.

And not because she isn’t cooperative. Unfortunately it’s just the opposite, she’s been begging to do school.

The cute assignments have gotten done. Eventually.

Reading took a back burner and we just worked on flash cards.

The stories I was suppose to read to her just didn’t happen.

And our coconut tree? Yeah, it’s got the letters A and B on it. :(

In short, I was failing Audrey.

First step? Realizing it.

Second step? Make a plan.

Luckily I’m great at making a plan.

So one Sunday night I opened up that weeks folder for school, grabbed the four books for the week. I made four piles, one for each day of the school week. I stacked them on top of each other (the books being the divider) and I left it on the table. With our All About Reading book on top.

I also realized that piano practice had slipped through the cracks. So when it’s time to do school I sit down with Audrey first, while Sydney plays the piano. When it’s time to switch Audrey to reading out loud I have Sydney start her math worksheet.

Audrey and I work through her pile of things to do, finishing with a book being read her to. Often I do this while I’m feeding Ruby, but the point is that we do not leave the table. We stay right there, because if we get up it won’t get finished. After I read her book to her, she reads to me from All About Reading.

We are going back over the first book and making sure she can read each of the stories fluidly with little time spent sounding out each. and. every. word. We are going slowly to make sure the concepts are reinforced.

After a few months of using this method I can say that our school work goes a lot smoother, Audrey is happier and her reading has improved drastically!

So what do you do when you’re failing your child? Stop. Fix it. Make a plan. Start again. Make it work.



Baby #4!

Despite my excitement about this sweet baby, this post has been really hard to write. I’m not interested in going into details of everything that happened with the loss of baby’s twin, or even what I went through to get pregnant in the first place. A sweet friend from church who also experienced the passing of her son’s twin said something to me on Sunday that meant a lot. She gave me a hug and she said, “It doesn’t mean you don’t want THIS baby, and that you aren’t excited for THIS baby.”

So, I’m ripping the band-aid off.


(We all know the truth, my January due date will definitely be a February baby.)



Our baby GIRL is healthy, doing great and she is a mover! I can’t wait to hold her in my arms.


I am so thankful that she’s kicking like crazy, it helps to keep my fears at bay.


40 Plus Weeks

As usual, I’ve not only hit my due date, but I’ve proceeded to exceeded it.
A good friend of mine referred to this time as the “real countdown.”Except that I don’t know what I’m counting down to! Just waiting.And whenever someone says a date, or I read an expiration date I always think, “I really hope I’m not still pregnant by then!”

So we are just waiting now…any one want to guess what baby Zachary will decide to grace us with his presence?

I haven’t really liked any of the pictures that we took of me this pregnancy, so yesterday on the way to my in-laws, we stopped by some waterfalls and I gave Jordan a crash course on how to use my camera, I really like how this picture turned out. The settings weren’t perfect, and I wish I would have realized that when I set the camera for him, but all together I’m very happy with how it turned out.



Baby #3

Since we have decided to have a home birth, we wouldn’t be having an anatomy scan until January, and the only reason we’d have it then is so that they can see where my placenta attached in relevance to my c-section scar.
However, I am not a patient person! So January just wouldn’t do to find out what the baby is! So I found an ultrasound company in Portland that does gender scans for $50, the better part was that I didn’t have to wait until 20 weeks, I could do it at 17! So at 17 weeks and 4 days we got to find out what this baby is! And it’s a BOY!


It was amazing getting to watch him suck his thumb, on the ultrasound machine you could see his little mouth moving. We also got to watch as he put his thumb in his mouth, and we got to see a clear shot at his hand, with all 4 fingers and 1 thumb very distinct.

Neither of us were very surprised that we’re having a boy, I’ve said it since I first found out I was pregnant that this baby was a boy. I had to keep a good check on myself to make sure I didn’t refer to the baby as “he” when I wasn’t with Jordan or the girls. I was also able to correctly guess both Sydney and Audrey’s genders from the beginning as well.

Although, I must admit that the rebellious side of me did want this baby to be another girl, so that way I could tell all the people who said “it can’t be another girl!” “OH YES IT CAN!” I don’t like being told what to do, could you tell? 😉

But we are all thrilled to have a boy, and when we told Sydney that it was a boy she replied, “Yeah, I know!” She’s already a much better bigger sister than I was, when I was her age I threw a fit in the ultrasound room because I found out my brother was going to be a boy…

The baby’s name is going to be Zachary Orlo Sherman.

“Orlo” is a very old family name in Jordan’s family. Several generations of Orlo WHATEVER Shermans. And they all went by the WHATEVER because they all hated their name! But they kept passing the name on, until Jordan’s grandpa (Orlo Val Sherman) did NOT pass the name on, and named his son Russell Layne Sherman (only to call him Layne instead of Russell, oy, I tell you!) but Jordan’s dad liked the name so Jordan was named Jordan Orlo.

Originally Jordan wanted to name the baby Orlo Zachary Sherman, and call him Zachary, but I veto’ed that instantly, because you never use your middle name for anything, or write it done ever, so it’d be too confusing, I think. Plus the tradition was altered. 😉


Little Peanut

We are trying for a VBAC again, this time with a much more supportive doctor, and a much more determined mommy :)

Baby #3

Yup, we’re expecting Baby #3!
Due March 15th, 2012!I am extremely happy to not be giantly pregnant during the summer this time, and to have a baby near my birthday, instead of all those summer people that are running around my house.

Last Pregnancy Pictures

Unless I am induced in two weeks (please, NO!) these are the final pregnancy pictures.



Baby #2

Today we got to find out what baby #2 was. It was a VERY long appointment. They check EVERY part of the baby, and Jordan and I were honestly getting very bored waiting to hear if we were going to have a boy or a girl.

Finally, she told us. And we totally missed her figuring it out until she told us! With Sydney it took them 45 minutes to figure out what the baby was, because it was a resident who wasn’t sure exactly what he was doing, so he had to call someone else in to figure it out. So we thought it would take a little longer. When she cleared her throat and we looked up the screen it was paused at a single image.

“I’d say 95% chance you’re going to have a girl.”

It honestly was a lot better than hearing, “I think you’re going to have a girl. I’d say 60-70% chance.” (Which is basically Jordan’s genetic code!” If you’ve got a 50/50 chance of a girl normally, and your family is great at producing girls, that’s 70% right? lol.)

Profile 001


Health Stuff

On Saturday Jordan and I went and got a cell phone plan together. Which means that we got rid of our home phone, because we will use as many minutes as we got (the lowest price) so if you have our home phone, delete it. My cell phone still has the same number.

While at the Sprint store I started to feel, dizzy isn’t the right word, but I can’t think of a better one. Basically I felt like I was walking through a foggy tunnel. So I sat down in a chair and asked Jordan to stand next to me. Then my eyes started to lose vision and the next thing I know Jordan is yelling my name. After a moment or so I regained consciousness, and was promptly carried to the car. My poor Jordan was very worried and the only thing I kept saying was, “Not again! I’m sorry, seriously, I’m sorry.”

5 years ago I started having fainting spells. They aren’t painful, they aren’t worrysome (doctors never seem to care) and the only time I feel sick is because of the walking-through-a-tunnel and eyes seeing only black thing. They also (apparently) are not harmful. Honestly they are just annoying, embarrassing and inconvenient.

Today was my normal check up (I’ve now gained 10.5 pounds) baby has a strong heart beat. I was VERY excited when my doctor asked Sydney if it sounded like a choo-choo train. I got to go to the appointments when my mother was pregnant and when the doctor asked me what I thought, that was what I responded with. When I had my first ultrasound with Sydney I told Jordan that I still thought it sounded like a choo-choo train. He gave me a funny look and said, “What a silly thing to say, it sounds nothing like a train!” But HA! the doctor agrees with me. This doctor showed the most amount of worry about my fainting. She wasn’t worried at all, apparently the fact that I can tell when they come on (that I have much warning) means that it most likely isn’t a heart thing or seizures (apparently I twitch, something that three different classrooms full of students have told me and Jordan confirmed.) She did however order an EKG, which was normal. I have been told that I am not to drive (or until they figure out why I am fainting) and for the rest of this pregnancy I am not go anywhere by myself.

But I am thankful that I am healthy, my pregnancy is smooth, my baby is healthy and that neither of us are in any kind of danger.

Unless I faint and hit my head REALLY hard. So far I’ve smacked my head 3/5 times, and nothing happened. So I’m also thankful for my hard head. It comes in handy sometimes. :)


Ultrasound Pictures

Yesterday was my first doctor appointment with a new doctor. Jordan and I both like her very much, which is great, because normally he doesn’t like my doctors, but goes with it because I like them. The only doctor Jordan likes is Sydney’s pediatrician.

Anyway, she was very nice, she is willing to let me do a VBAC if that is what I choose to do. And I got to do an early ultrasound! My favorite! :)

Waving #2

Anyway, baby looks good, baby was VERY calm and “waving” (or basically had its hand sticking up, and we could see fingers.) All the pictures are different views of the same thing. Head, body, and in some you can see the hand.

We don’t know what the baby is yet, but we will in about a month.