The Letter Y

I decided that since Jordan was home with us this week I would have school. That way he could entertain Audrey or help with Zachary while I did school with Sydney.

Um, we had school twice this week.

So I will show you what our Mondays consist of.

We start off by reviewing our sight words. And I make a list of the ones she misses, so we can have a daily review of those words. Then I write out the word and remind her what it is, and she writes it 3 times, saying what the letters are, and then what word it is.


After we have done our list, we read some of our Bob Book. And then we move on to the Letter of the Week. This week it’s the letter Y. Y is for Yarn.

She gets to “discover” which letter it is by way of a puzzle.dsc_2696

Discover is in quotes because at this point she knows what letter we are going to be working on. It’s no longer a surprise. We put magnets on the puzzle pieces to keep them from sliding around.

Next up is tracing the letter.


We do this three times. And then we have a coloring page!dsc_2698

And last but not least we read a book relating to the the letter of the week.

This is our Monday schedule. At this point, Sydney knows what is expected of her and she doesn’t need me to tell her for most it. I’m actually very excited that soon we will be done with all the letters and get to move on to our themed packs. I think Sydney will be excited for the change too.

Next week school is rather up in the air. I think we’ll finish up Y and then have Spring Break! :)

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The Letter X

Still no baby. Le sigh.

This week we worked on The Letter X…and I forgot to do the foam letter. I guess I’ll have to work on it this weekend, along with Y & Z. You know, when I’m busy not having a baby 😉

Something amazing happened this week/last week.

Sydney has been really struggling with the sight word then. She just doesn’t seem to remember it. And when she finally does remember it, she forgets it the next day. FRUSTRATING! At her Wednesday dance class I talked to one of my friends who was a Kindergarten teacher in her pre-mommy days, and she suggested that I just drop the word, and bring it back in a week or so. So I decided to do this if she didn’t get it by last Friday.

Since she hadn’t gotten the word on Monday, we would review it daily, and if she still didn’t get it (which she didn’t) she would write it three times, “Then. T-H-E-N. Then.” in an effort to help her remember this word. This was the only way I could remember how to spell anything when I was in school.

And on Friday she got the word! I was so excited! There was dancing, signing, jelly beans. So excited!!

And then Monday came…and she told me she didn’t know the word. So I asked her to spell the word for me.


Proud Mommy moment right there. I tell you. And she’s gotten the word every time I’ve brought it out (which is every other day, she got it on Monday, but since it had been such an issue I wanted to make sure she didn’t forget it again.)

She also learned a few new rules this week. Which I expected to take a long time for her to get. Such as the i_e rule. I expected that to take forever. She she got it pretty instantly. Occasionally I’d have to remind her. She is also doing great at noticing blends, so I don’t have to ask her to look for them.

Yesterday, she was writing down all the sight words she knew how to spell. And then she wrote her name. She can spell Sydney, but she required a little bit of help on her middle and last name.


She also wrote Audrey’s name and Zachary’s name down too, what took me by surprise was that she knew how to spell Audrey’s name.


The Letter W

Well, no baby this week, so we had school!

This week we added the word blends ir, er, and word ending ies.

So after she read through the book Lolly-Pops, I decided she needed more practice before she passed it off. I didn’t want to make her keep reading the same book, because she’d end up memorizing it. So I wrote out sentences for her to practice with that had all of our new blend, endings, rules, and sight words. Some of them were taken from the book she had read, and some I made up. And some were a mixture. This worked really well!

dsc_2617 dsc_2618

(She’s thinking about a hard word, I love this candid picture. Don’t worry, as soon as I took the picture and saw the face I helped her with it, lol.)

On Monday we went through all of our sight words and I wrote out a list of the words she was struggling with, so we could review and concentrate on those this week. It worked GREAT! She wasn’t overwhelmed by the long list every day, and by Friday she didn’t have any problem with any of the words.

This week we worked on W. W was for Watermelon. She had a lot of fun with this pack! I don’t really have much to say on the Letter packs, I like them a lot, and so does Sydney but there really isn’t much to say about them that I haven’t already. But I took a picture of our foam letter W, which was for Whale. See my U is for Unicycle? Yeah, I’m pretty proud of that one…and my Snail.dsc_2621

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St. Patrick’s Day (Week)

This week we did theme printables on St. Patrick’s Day. I found these AMAZING printables at Musing of Me. Unfortunately she has since taken all her printables off the web. :( Sad day.

Actually, it was incredible that I was able to get them. I found her blog over Christmas and downloaded a bunch of them. Then about three days after Christmas she took them all down. I am incredibly lucky to use these “lost” printables! (They’ve since been burned to our curriculum CD so that our other children will also get to enjoy them.)

Anyways, despite being sick, Sydney had a fun time with the pack, and enjoyed the St. Patrick’s Day books that we read.

Today we had picture day, dressed in our cute green shamrock shirt. (Well, she was, I don’t have a cute shamrock shirt.)


Something new from this pack is that they have See, Trace, Do pages with words. So we talked about what the word said (sounded it out if it was a word that she was able to sound out) and then she’d trace it, saying the letters out loud, and then write it herself in the next space, again saying the letters out loud. She LOVED these!


I is for Irish magnet page! She loved how there were so many magnets needed for this page! In fact, we were actually short 1 magnet (she asked me to go buy another one, I had to tell her I wasn’t doing it, as the magnets come in packs of 10 and I’m out of puff balls to hot glue, so we’ll just have to pretend.) I love her “What are you doing?” face as I was taking this picture.dsc_2572

She wasn’t overly fond of the “Count the Leprechauns” activity. Mostly because it required her to count between 1-20. She liked the smaller numbers and would get excited for them, and make cool designs.dsc_2573

She hated the times when it was time to count past 10, and the leprechauns became a pile! haha. Towards the end she started to lose interest and not count as well, and would have to redo some of them.dsc_2576

Today, we did school later in the day, because Audrey was a stinker. So we had school during Audrey’s nap time, by which time Jordan was home from work, so he snapped this picture of Sydney and I reading on the couch. In all my 40 weeks and 1 day pregnant glory. 😉 But I like that this picture proves I exist, as a Mommy with a “fancy” camera it’s hard to find pictures of me!

What About Reading??

This week we started on Bob Books Set 3: Word Families. This is introducing new concepts such as words ending with -y, -ed, and -ies. IN THE FIRST TWO BOOKS! So we have been taking reading VERY slowly this week. She passed off the first book, and we are slowly working our way through the second. It’s taking a lot more prep work on my part, because I want to make sure that I am introducing everything as simply as possible and not confusing her (I do not know my phonics, and learned to read with word recognition, so I have a cheat sheet of phonics with me when I’m teaching her the lessons.)

So that was our week! I think I made up for the lack of pictures the last two weeks though, you’ve been given a lot of picture this week! :)


The Letter U

This week was The Letter U!

And U is for Umbrella.

Except for the letter on the coconut tree, in which case U is for Unicycle. I’ll have to take a picture of my Unicycle. I’m very proud of it, actually.

Since we finished Bob Book Set 2 last week I decided to work on some Bob Book Kindergarten Sight Words. I made up a list of the sight words used in the set, and which book the sight word is introduced (thank you, pregnancy induced insomnia!) And this week we read the first 5 of those books.

It was great review for her before we move on Bob Books Set 3 Word Families, which we will be doing next week.

In the last few weeks Sydney has started to understand the days of the week, and is occasionally correct with her guesses. This week she was actually right every day except for Friday.



The Letter T

T was for Turtle!

The book selection was pretty fun. We read The Teddy Bear’s Picnic, and I finished it thinking that it was the strangest book I’d ever read, and it made no sense. Good thing I have my wonderful husband who informed me that it’s a song, and that the book is to the song.

So he reread the book to Sydney while singing it. Gotta make up for the confused Mama!

I really enjoyed the strong How the Turtle Got it’s Shell it was cute, and talked about different legends regarding the turtle.

Sorry about the lack of pictures this week, we just didn’t get the camera out.

Tomorrow Sydney will finish her second set of Bob Books, and for her prize she wants to take her family out for ice cream.

Jordan was unable to let Sydney read to him one day this week and somehow we ended up really behind in her passing off the books. Like she would be working on book #11 with me, and reading #10 to him. I decided I actually really like it this way, because the book isn’t as fresh in her mind as if she had just read it six hours earlier, so it’s a little more challenging for her and she’s actually reading instead of just memorizing.

Today my mother came over and spent some time with the girls and Sydney (who had 3 books to read to Jordan) read one of her books to her Abuelita, and passed it off that way. Abuelita was very impressed with Sydney! Can’t say I blame her 😉

Another change we made this week was that Sydney’s art work now gets taped to the wall, instead of being put on the fridge. Audrey is less likely to tear it off that way 😉

Well, we are on full school schedule until baby Zachary decides to be born! And then we will be taking another break, it might be a bit longer than our usual week off, but we’ll just have to see. The crazy/selfish part of me is hoping that he’ll stay in there until after St. Patrick’s Day week so that I can do our week devoted to St. Patty’s Day. I’ve got a good chance of that happening though, since Z is due that week, and I’ve never had an early or on time baby!


The Letter V

First of all, I promise that I know my ABCs 😉

We did V out of order because V is for Valentine! And since this week is Valentine’s Day, and it won’t be Valentine’s Day in 4 weeks when we would have gotten to the Letter V, I decided to do it now!


So V is for Valentines. And Sydney loved the week of pink and red, and all the silly Valentine books we read (check the list for book titles.)

She also got to go on her date with Jordan this week to celebrate her finishing the first set of Bob Books! Yey! Go, Sydney!!

Since last week she’s finished another 3 books, I think she probably could have finished her book today, but I try to split the book into 2 days to make sure she’s retaining the information, especially when there was 3 new concepts in the first half of the book!

Next week is a break, and I am very much looking forward to it! We will continue reading lessons next week though. She no longer has to do reading lessons on the weekends, I’m confident now that she’s at a place where she’s not going to assume that if we don’t read for 2 days that we are done reading. (However, I am not confident
that she won’t think we are done if we don’t read for 9 days!!)

During the next 9 days I get to make T, U, W, X, Y, Z letters for the coconut tree. Hope I can get them all done! I really hate making them, but she loves them!


The Letter S

This week we worked on the The Letter S.

I’ve been very bad at getting pictures of her doing her school work lately. Sheesh!

She finished another 3 books this week. She has one more book until she finishes the first set of Bob Books! Yey! I’m so proud of her!

She had a bit of difficulty with the short “e” sound, confusing it with the short “i” so I gave her a few extra days and now she does pretty well with it. Although she was upset that I wouldn’t let her read to Jordan to pass off that book until I was satisfied with her remembering what sound it makes.

She also did amazing with the “x” sound, occasionally I have to remind her of what sound it is. And honestly, I had to look it up when I taught it to her! I wanted to make sure I didn’t mess it up and confuse her, so I ended up googling it during school, lol!

One of the greatest surprises this week was that I sat down and completed N, O, P, Q, R, S and V foam letters, and Sydney was super excited to be able to put S on the coconut tree on Friday.


And another fun thing that happened this week is that the Kindergarten curriculum came! Yey!! You’ll all get to know exactly what we are using in August when we start school. I have everything assembled and ready to go, except for her gospel student manual, which I need to take to the UPS store and have bound. But everything else is put together, and I will now spend the next 6 months reading through manuals and organizing so that school will run smoothly.



The Letter R

R is for Rainbows!

This week Sydney passed off another 2.5 books (as soon as Jordan gets home it’ll be 3) and we had fun reading about rainbows.

We also got to use another describing weather sticker this week! We usually only use ‘sunny,’ ‘cloudy,’ or ‘raining.’ We got to use ‘windy’ today! Because, boy, was it WINDY!!!


Jordan doesn’t get a whole lot of face time on this blog, and I captured this picture of Sydney reading to him, which is how she passes off the books and gets a sticker for her chart. Yes, we cover the pictures until after she reads the page, and then she gets to see them 😉

Another thing of interest this week was that I got my “fancy” bookshelf that I wanted. It’s the perfect height for the school area (aka dining room) and it’s small enough that I don’t have  “extra” books on it, so I can tell the kids: DO NOT TOUCH THIS BOOKSHELF!!! Which is a sentence they’ve never heard before 😉 But I grow tired of tracking down books that the kids wandered off with. So this shelf is off limits.


Although, it doesn’t hold as many books as I had hoped, I might have to buy a second, lol!!


The Letter Q

Q is for Quilt.

We read 4 fun books (check the book list) and I really enjoyed three of the books. But Eight Hands Round will probably not be repeated. In fact, we didn’t finish it! It was very long and very dull, and when I suggested that we stop reading it Sydney gladly agreed.

I took pictures of two different days, and guess what? We weren’t in our jammies the whole day! Of course the first day was co-op preschool, in which we are forced to get dressed.



She has gotten so good at cutting things out! A great improvement from the first week when she was basically attaching paper to the scissors and tearing the paper. 😉

Since she’s been working so hard on reading, I decided that we would no longer be memorizing new scriptures. We are reviewing scriptures that she already had memorized, and making sure they are still memorized.

We  also aren’t taking any breaks from reading, Sydney does best with consistency, and if I give her two days off from learning to read it’ll be a nightmare come Monday.

Sunday and Monday reading lessons were 45 minute battle of the wills. On Sunday Jordan and I switched off trying to get her to look at the book. Sunday was a nightmare, she kept telling us that she didn’t need to read anymore because she could already read.

Monday was much better. 30 minutes of Battle of the Wills and then 15 minutes of dazzling me with her brilliance.

On Tuesday she seemed to resign herself to her fate that she would learn to read. And the 15 minute lesson only took 15 minutes! And since then it’s been (relatively) smooth sailing. Although she still tells me that she doesn’t want to learn to read, that it’s not fun, and that she doesn’t need to learn to read (ha!)

One thing that we added to help her do her reading lessons was adding a reward system. She already was going to receive a reward at the end of Set 1 of Bob Books, but apparently that was too abstract for her to grasp, so now she gets one jelly bean at the end of her reading lessons. This has worked GREAT.

This week she finished books 3, 4, and 5. She also started to point out all the words she knows around the house, and tries to sound out the words she doesn’t know, which gets complicated when she is only reading 3 letter words all with short vowel sounds and she’s trying to sound out words like “Tuesday.”

Today I had her do her lacing project by herself. She was not thrilled with this. At. All. It was pretty funny, actually. 😉dsc_2417