Preschool: The Last Day

This last week we had our final Preschool Pack. And it was on farms.

That Monday I went to JoAnn Fabric and found these cute gellies that grow. And they had a farm one!

So we grew our own farm. 😉

On the last day Sydney took Sonlight’s reading test and got bored at the 3rd grade reading level. I was shocked! And super excited/proud. Although we will still be using the 1st grade readers. While she can read the words that she was tested on, she’s still not a confident reader. I’d rather her be confident and enjoy reading than be too challenged and end up frustrated.

Speaking of proud reading moments, we told Sydney to take Hi Ho Cherrio upstairs and put it away. When she came back down stairs she asked, “What’s Ants in the Pants?” We asked her what she was talking about and she told us that on the back of the Hi Ho Cherrio box there were the words “Ants in the Pants” and she wanted to know if it was another game. Yeah, we were pretty proud of her. Jordan said he wanted to go buy her the game just for reading it. There was lots of jumping up and down and dancing around in celebration of Sydney reading something for fun.

After dinner on the very last day of school we took the girls out to Burgerville and ordered two cones and two baby cones. MUCH better price than Baskin Robins 😉

And that’s a wrap on our Preschool year! My wall is now empty, and everything will go back up when school starts. And yes, I’ve already started organizing the Kindergarten stuff.

And the next morning? Sydney asked what we were doing for school. I love that girl.