Fireworks, Gymnatics and New Hair, oh my!

We have had a VERY busy week this week.

This was Sydney last year on her first 4th of July.IMG_1700

Needless to say, we decided to “practice” with fireworks this year. There was much improvement!IMG_0243

I can’t wait to do more tomorrow! Yey!

We put Sydney in a gymnastics class, it’s every Thursday night. It was so cute to watch her. Jordan did the class with her, while I took pictures in their viewing area. Next time we’ll switch, I’m not great with far away pictures.IMG_0229

And last but not least, Jordan spent FIVE hours with me at the beauty school getting my hair done. He got a hair cut, so he wasn’t bored for the first half hour. I wanted my hair closer to my natural tone, so that I don’t have to dye it so much anymore. But, of course, I got some streaks put in, because I knew I wouldn’t like it if it was just one color. It wasn’t suppose to be a black streak, it was suppose to be dark brown, and there are so red ones in there too. They are called ‘peek-a-boo’ streaks, they are kind of hidden so that when they grow out they don’t look tacky.
But of course there is no good picture of my hair, so you will all have to see it in person. 😀IMG_0250

Happy 4th of July!