Audrey’s Bob Books| {Freebie!}

We are five weeks into school now and I decided to give Audrey another go with Bob Books. Previously we’d tried a few different approaches to reading with Miss Aud, and unfortunately she became super frustrated with all of them. Since I didn’t know where she was skill-wise with the Bob Books we started having her read them all, which helped me figure out where she was and also boost her confidence.

Audrey loves stickers, and she loves the accomplishment of adding a sticker to a chart. With Sydney we used this Bob Book process chart and it was fantastic. But Audrey is overwhelmed a little more easily and can get discouraged quickly. So I started looking for a single book set process chart and was finding very little success.

So what do you do? You make one! I also figured I’d share with all of you. She just finished the first set of beginning readers and tomorrow we will start the Kindergarten Sight Words set. In our house after every single book set they get to have a date. They get to choose who goes on the date with them and what the activity is.

Audrey’s first chosen date is taking the whole family out to ice cream. She’s such a kind hearted considerate little girl <3