First Day of School!

Today was our first day of school for the 2014-2015 year!

And what a year it will be, not only is Sydney now in the 2nd grade but AUDREY is joining us at the table for preschool!

Lets take a moment to reminiscence about my babies, shell we?

Baby Pictures

Aren’t they cute? Well, they grew up into these beautiful young ladies!First DayToday went extremely well! I’ve always had great luck when it comes to the first day of school, they leave me feeling excited and ready for the new school year! Unfortunately, there are days which make me doubt my decisions, my abilities, and my sanity. So it’s good to blog about those days that are awesome, and try to forget about the bad 😉

I’ve been worried, nervous, excited, and very anxious about how school was going to work this year. Not only this Audrey’s first year in “official” school, but in February I’ll be nursing a baby while I teach math (and other subjects, of course!) While this was a breeze with master-champion-nurser Zachary, I was only teaching Sydney and preschool only took 30 minutes.

Oh, and Sydney is very good at sitting still. She’s extremely patient.

I love it when I pass down traits that I do not actually posses. It’s a great thing.

This year we have preschool with the girl who shares more than just my nose and my name. She also shares my lack of patience, and my inability to sit still. Maybe not inability, but she and I share a mutual disinterest when it comes to sitting still.

But much to my surprise and delight the first day went really smoothly! Audrey sat still (mostly), she was thrilled to do her Letter of the Week curriculum, she even sat still during the prayer and scripture study. When her school time was over, she played nicely by herself until Sydney was ready to join her. What a blessing!

Zachary on the other hand….well let’s just say he got banished to naptime when he decided to draw on the wall.

As my Gramma would say, “We made it!”DSC_0161


First Day of School

We started school on August 19th, Sydney is in 1st grade. As as per tradition, we made up our white board.


It’s become a bit of a tradition to torture all children take pictures of these beautiful siblings on the first day of school, regardless of who is actually being formally taught. I’m not exactly sure why Zachary wasn’t in this picture….


This year we are participating in a church co-op preschool called Joy School. Audrey’s first day happened to be the day before her tonsils were removed, so she missed the second day, unfortunately. Her first day was September 10th.


This sweet girl could probably have fit in her Hello Kitty backpack, but she insisted upon having it, and she LOVES it. She had a blast and was so excited about Joy School. I didn’t tell her she would be missing the second day or that she would be missing her first day of dance class. Shh, it will be a secret 😉

 web2 web3

See? I tortured them attempted to get a picture of the three of them together.

Audrey and I debated for almost an hour about her outfit for her first day of Joy School. She HATES jeans, and even sweat pants. She recently discovered leggings and told me, “I like it when my pants are CLOSE to my body!” She has about 10 pairs of adorable Sydney-hand-me-down jeans that she refuses to wear. And all the leggings she has go with specific outfits (I’m kind of a fashion police to my kids…) but we finally agreed on an outfit. I’m glad too, because the last time I tried to force her to wear jeans she tried to take them off in the doctor’s waiting room. That was awkward.


First Week of School / Letter A

We survived our first week of school!


This year we are using Confessions of a Homeschooler’s Letter of the Week curriculum.

I love the book Chicka Chicka Boom Boom. It was one of my favorites when I was a kid. I bought a wall deco that is a coconut tree, and at the end of the week we’re going to make a letter craft and put it on the wall with the tree. The tree, however, isn’t here yet, but will be on Tuesday of next week.

I love her little “stuff case” I saw that at JoAnn’s and couldn’t pass it up. And my sister-in-law made both Sydney and Audrey signs that said their name and “Daughter of a King,” she made Sydney’s first, and the “SYDNEY” part was too small, so she gave me the extra, and it was perfect for Sydney’s stuff case. Every night I look at my lesson plan, and put the stuff that is needed for the next day in the case.

I only took pictures on two of the days (Tuesday and Friday), so this isn’t a complete list of everything we’ve done this week.

_DSC0618 _DSC0619 _DSC0620

We laced up an apple. When I was making the apple Jordan kept telling me that Sydney would never have the patience to lace the whole thing up. She did. I did not, lol. It took all my willpower to keep smiling while she laced it all up, as I held it for her. But it’s good fine motor skills, and guess what? I did keep a smile on my face the whole time.

Her eyes lit up when she saw scissors and glue in her stuff box. She was so excited to be allowed to cut with the scissors.  She quickly discovered that it is very difficult to use them, and she would get frustrated easily. But she finished her cut and paste project and was so excited that she completed it!

See the alligator A? That’s what’s going under our coconut tree :) We made the alligator A after reading The Lady With the Alligator Purse.

_DSC0623 _DSC0624 _DSC0625

Our “scavenger” hunt was kind of pathetic. I gathered up (last minute) items in our house that started with A, and put them in a basket, and then I grabbed a few random items that didn’t start with A and had her sort the basket. When she picked up the heart she said, “Mom, the pillow doesn’t start with an A, but it has an A in it!” and she pointed to the A in “heart.” Smart girl. Lotion and Bottle do not start with an A, lol 😉_DSC0617

(Sydney’s “school picture” 2011-2012.)

Book We Read This Week:

How Do Apples Grow?

Ten Apples Up on Top

Animals Should Definitly NOT Wear Clothes

The Lady With the Alligator Purse

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom


Day One

For the past 4 years we had always thought we   would be sending Sydney to public school.

Sure, the idea occurred more than once or twice in the last 4 years that I might home school, but I was still so sure that I would be sending her to the elementary school down the street in a little over a year.

So, I put things off.

Things I knew she’d learn in Kindergarten, I put off.

This listed things such as the days of the week, names of months, what the different season were, how to write her name.

Sure, my girl knew her whole name, could spell her name, and knew what day her birthday was. But a lot of things I put off by saying, “She’ll learn that when she goes to school.” or “She’s only 3!”

And then a few months ago we decided we were going to home school.

Instant Panic!!!

All those things I’d put off? NOW would be the time to teach them to her!

So today we worked on what today is, what the month is called, what day it is, the season, and what the weather looks like. We also started memorizing our first scripture.

I’m pretty sure her head was spinning by the end of the first lesson. Actually, our first session did not go well at all.

After having her tell me 20 times that today was Tuesday, five minutes later she’d forget and answer with, “Weather.”

I didn’t have a big calendar yet, so I decided to go to The Learning Palace to get one. When we got home she was ecstatic to help me put up all the new goodies (which included a matching Weather chart, and Days of the Week chart) and that seemed to help her understand much better.

Of course all this learning was occurring while I chase down Audrey, trying to keep her from eating paper. 😉