Dance Recital

Yesterday was the girls’ dance recital, both girls took Ballet/Tap this year. They did awesome!

Audrey Sydney



Audrey’s Third Birthday Party

Audrey’s birthday started with a fun dance recital, in which Audrey was (of course) a bunny.


Audrey rocked it as a bunny, it was SO cute! Then we had family and friends over for dinner at our place and had a Hello Kitty themed party. And boy, did Audrey score when it came to Hello Kitty! She had such a great time at her party, and this year she didn’t shy away when we sang to her. She was happy to be the center of a attention.








Cirque Du Dance

I can’t believe I forgot to post this!

Two days after Sydney’s 3rd birthday she started a week long dance camp. My Grandma and Grandpa Smith were wonderful enough to drive us there everyday for the week. The dance studio was amazing!  The rooms have two ways mirrors so that you can see your kids, but they can’t see you.


The first day, Sydney didn’t participate at all. She was held by one of her teachers, Miss Annie, the whole time. I went home wondering if I wasted my money.

The second day, Sydney participated in the last 15 minutes, but was held for the first 45. I went home feeling a bit better.


The third and forth days Sydney participated for the first 45 minutes and was very tired and rubbing her eyes for the last 15 minutes. I went home with a lot of cute stories to tell.

And the last day, performance day, Sydney did her own thing. First she insisted on wearing her blue tutu. Jordan was able to get off work early and come and see it with us. While all the other kids were doing dance poses, Sydney was running around in circles. She cut in line, didn’t understand how the line worked and then would be cut in front of as well. We taped it and it makes us laugh very hard.


We thought about putting her in a ballet class this year, but we’ve decided to wait until next year. I don’t feel like paying $40 a month if Sydney isn’t going to participate. Though she did talk about dance class forever.


(All these pictures are from the performance)