Countdown to Three, Part Three


Countdown to Three, Part 2

Audrey at one-year :)


Countdown to Three!

Audrey is turning three in a few weeks, so to celebrate I made a video of her first year. She loved Zachary’s video so much that she requested that I make her some, so stay tuned for more Audrey videos this month! :)


Sydney at 1 Year

The countdown continues!

After Sydney’s awful birth, we failed at breast feeding (I wasn’t allowed to hold her until about 24 hours, and then my milk didn’t come in until week 2) and were released from the hospital at 36 hours.


And the first thing we did when we got home was sleep. And then we got ready to go get HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS!!!!! at midnight. Yup, at midnight. It was a once in a life time event, and I wasn’t missing it! I also had some awesome friends who were more than willing to drive me, cut in line and save a place for me. So really I only waited around for a total of 45 minutes, including waiting to get my number at noon. I wish I had a picture but I do not :(

Anyway, here are some stories of Sydney’s first year, complete with pictures.

She HATED wearing hats, socks, or being swaddled. She would cry until we either removed the hat or she exhausted herself.


She would sleep with her arms above her head.


For her first Halloween my Nana made her a Jelly Bean outfit. Jelly Bean is Jordan’s nickname for Sydney.


She loved her toy that we named Mr. Moose.

Five Months Old

She loves to eat ALL foods except peas.sherman86 024

She loved hanging out under the Christmas tree and staring at all the lights and ornaments.

Jordan tried to convince her to play video games with him.


One night, Jordan decided he was going to bathe Sydney and put her to bed. He had just worked 12.5 closing shift and then worked a 12.5 hour opening shift, so he was tired and hadn’t seen his baby, so he gave her a bath. The next morning I jumped out of bed to get her before she woke him up. When I got her she was soaking wet. My first thought was that it was time to invest in some nighttime diapers. When I opened her onsie I discovered that Jordan HAD FORGOTTEN TO PUT A DIAPER ON HER! We still laugh about that one. It’s a good thing she hadn’t pooed.l_be4a1abdd0881f32c3bda78a4bf9f56d

Her first word was “Hi!”

She hated grass, and would cry and try to lift her feet as high as they would go.


She LOVES kitties, she clicks her tongue trying to get them to come to her. She hates dogs though, and screams if they are anywhere near her.




Sydney Capri Sherman | Birth Story

Sydney is going to be 5 soon! And since I didn’t have this blog when she was born, she’s the only one who doesn’t have a birth story. So Part 1 of the Sydney Countdown is her birth story!

DISCLAIMER: This is how I felt when Sydney was born. I wrote her birth story down in my diary and left it there. This is it being typed up. My feels are NOT the same now, my views on birthing, hospitals, and doctors have dramatically changed in the last five years. Please keep that in mind.

With Sydney I was due on July 8th, 2007. Jordan’s birthday is July 17th. The entire pregnancy Jordan said how he didn’t want her born on his birthday. He wanted her born one day early on 7/7/07. And we tried everything to convince my doctor to induce me one day early so that she could be born on that day. No such luck. We also have no luck with castor oil, red raspberry leaf tea, or driving over bumpy roads.

9 days later I still hadn’t had a single contraction, and I wasn’t dilated or effaced at all. So I was induced. I got to read my medical chart after Zachary was born, and they refereed to it as “prolonged pregnancy,” I wonder what they would have called my pregnancy with Zachary!

Check out those bellies

On the 16th we went to my regular appointment, were informed that I still hadn’t made any progress, but that it was time to induce, and since Dr. L knew Jordan didn’t want to have a baby on his birthday she started talking about inducing me on the 18th. At this point Jordan asked if she could be born on his birthday. EVERYONE in the room (nurse included) stared at him in shock. But they scheduled me for 11:59 p.m., July 16th, 2007.

Problem was that we had errands to run in Vancouver until about 5. And then we had nothing else to do. And I had already saw every movie PG13 and under, we nixed that idea. It was very boring once all the stores closed and we attempted to nap in the car. In the end we ended up going to the hospital at 11:30. The nurse was surprised to see us. But we figured waiting in the hospital was better than waiting in the car.

The original plan was to put a pill on my cervix to soften it. But according to their contraction machine I was contracting every 7 minutes, so they told me they could induce me with pitocin but since I wasn’t dilated or effaced there was a good chance they would send me home in the morning. By this point Jordan was already asleep, so I agreed to it. Years later I found out the pill they wanted to put on my cervix is NOT meant for inducing, and several hospitals have been sued for using it as it has resulted in maternal and fetal death. So, I feel pretty grateful for “contractions.”


Of course I couldn’t sleep that night, I was strapped up to monitors and very uncomfortable, an hour later the nurse gave me some sleeping pills, which helped me sleep for 3 hours, and then she gave me a second dose, which granted me another three hours of sleep.

By 8 the next morning I was dilated to a 2, which at that point was considered good progress. By 11 I was at 4 cm, and they didn’t consider that good progress so they broke my water. I was pretty relieved by this because it meant I WAS having a baby that day. At 1 they checked me again and I was at an 8, having contractions every 20 minutes or so. I would lay very still in my bed and stare at the contraction machine, knowing that as soon as the marks on the paper started to go down I would feel relief. I got some IV meds at this point, which didn’t do anything except make me incredible dizzy. The whole room spun as soon as they were administered. At around 2 I was still at an 8, with contractions every 15 minutes and they weren’t impressed with this so they asked me to get an epidural, which I refused. She then asked in a condescending voice, “Why don’t you want an epidural? Are you afraid it’s going to paralyze you? Because it won’t. Don’t be martyr!” I still refused and the nurse then cranked up the pitoicin and told me to walk around. Upon sitting up I had water gushing out of me. I decided I would NOT be walking anyway. My contractions went from manageable every 15 minutes to insanely intense, having them every 2 minutes and within about 10 minutes the contractions were coming one on top of another with absolutely no relief.

The nurse returned around this time, with the anesthesiologist in toe. She asked me if I wanted that epidural yet. I agreed, but I was still very dizzy from the IV drugs and couldn’t hold myself up very well, Jordan had to help a lot. The anesthesiologist decided to put the epidural in between contractions, which all I had was about a two second relief, he tried to put it in at that time but the epidural needle bent in my back. And then he realized my contractions were one on top of another, so he put it in during a contraction, and it hurt SO badly that I was screaming in pain. The epidural made my entire body go completely numb from my chest down.  Around this time we had family members in our room, but when they checked me at 4 and said I was complete and it was time to push we kicked them all out.

They called in all the doctors and decided it was time to push. The anesthesiologist was called back in to turn my epidural down a little bit. I was still completely numb, with no urge to push, except that I felt like my back was on fire.

I spent the next five hours pushing, and pushing and pushing. The doctors would stare at the contraction machine and tell me I was contracting and that it was time to push, and then Jordan would count to 10 very slowly and I’ve have to push the whole time. When I would stop or was unable to hold my breath for that long I was scolded.

Around 9 the doctors gave me my options; episotomy, c-section, forceps or a kiwi. My doctor vito’ed the episotomy as I wasn’t tearing so there was no reason to do it. I ruled out forceps as I didn’t want my baby to have a giant scar (I didn’t even realize they still used them!) and I had no idea what a kiwi was, and as they wouldn’t let me eat anything I didn’t see it’s value. A kiwi, btw, is the manufactures name of the vacuum sucker, which would have gotten her out. So a c-section was decided. I fell asleep around this time, and drifted in an out of sleep for the next 24 hours.

Here is when I woke up:


When being wheeled down the hallway to the OR. I woke up paranoid because I couldn’t feel my gown and I was afraid that on the way to the OR I was exposing myself to all our family members in the waiting room. (I was covered in blankets and we didn’t even go past that particular waiting room.)

While in the OR they kept poking me and asking if I could feel it.


I was awake but unable to open my eyes when Sydney was born. I woke up for her first cry, the announcement of “it’s a girl!” and for her weight. I fell back asleep in between each event, but I am very grateful to have been awake during them.


I woke up a little bit later and Jordan was sitting next to my head holding Sydney. The room was too bight so I couldn’t keep my very heavy eye lids open.


When we got back to our room Jordan had to wait to showed her off to all the family members, he kept going between my room and the waiting room and kept asking the nurse if they could come in yet. Sydney hated being swaddled and kicked her way free, with the force of her kicking she flipped herself over and peed all over the blankets, the nurse was no amused by Jordan not staying in my room, and she said if he wasn’t back in the next minute she would be giving the baby a bath. Jordan missed the first bath due to the impatience of that nurse. But after the bath we were allowed to let the family members back in the room and when they left Jordan took care of her the whole night and next day.


Sydney Capri Sherman was born on Tuesday, July 17th, 2007 at 10:31 p.m. She weighed 7lbs 2oz and was 19.5 inches long. She had a gorgeous head of hair.


They discovered after the c-section that she was posterior (sunny side up) and so pushing flat on my back wasn’t very helpful. In the first few picture you can see that she had busing around her eyes, which was a result of her hitting my pelvic bone for five hours. When they first cut me open she stuck her hand out of the incision and waved, Dr. K laughed, told Jordan what was happening and stuck her hand back in said, “Nope, that’s not how you come out!” and then pulled her out by her head.

Technically the c-section was an emergency, but no one was dying and everyone was just fine (which is why I waited an hour and a half for my c-section.)


Countdown To TWO: Audrey Thyme

The final installment of the Countdown to Two.

Tomorrow my baby girl is going to be two years old.

But first, a walk down memory lane with Audrey as a one-year-old.

And these pictures are in no particular order, nor do they necessarily go with the stories. They are just favorites :)


At 14 months Audrey went on Alaskan Cruise with the Sherman side and was the hit of the ship! Everyone commented on how pretty she was, and all the crew members would stop and tell us about their children back home.


A few weeks after the cruise she went to Whiskey Creek (up near Port Angeles) and enjoyed relaxing and playing in the ocean.


In November, Audrey finally started saying “half-words,” she would say “chee” for cheese (and she’d give a big grin), and “bi-da!” for bye (apparently she thinks we only say bye to Daddy) and “al-da!” for all done.


Audrey is an eater! She eats all day long, and never seems to get full. Often Mommy will look at her and quote Little Shop of Horrors and say, “Feed me, Seymour!” Her Indian name would be “She Who Eats More Than Six Teenage Boys.”


When Audrey gets impatient she starts to stomp her foot, and hit you.

Audrey was playing in the playroom with Sydney when she ran into the closed door, and she bit through her tongue. It was a huge gash, and very deep. It took several weeks for it to heal, and Mom got to take her to Urgent Care and the both of them were covered in blood.


Audrey started to drag her blanket around with her everywhere, and has started showing interest in her binkie. [November 2011.]


One day she asked Daddy for a banana, when he told her we didn’t have any she replied, “Nana!” and every time he told her we didn’t have any she became more and more upset and would frantically scream, “NANA!!” at him. Jordan and I couldn’t stop laughing about it.


She loves to climb on EVERYTHING. She is most interested in getting to things in Mom and Dad’s night stands, so she’ll open up one of the drawers, climb in and stand in it so she can reach whatever it is she wants. She also drags chairs and stools around if she wants something on the counters.


In July 2011 she became very sick and had ANOTHER double ear infection (her 6th since December, and it was her 10th round of antibiotics, including penicillin shots) and she had tubes put in her ears.


On Christmas Eve, Mama made some cookies for Santa, and Daddy put them on the table. Within about three seconds Audrey was on top of the table eating the cookies. So Daddy took them and put them on the counter on the other side of the sink. A few minutes later Mama sees this little head pop up from the other side of the counter with a mischievous smirk! Audrey had pushed a chair over to get the cookies! Daddy then took them and placed them on top of the fridge, and Audrey slowly sunk down in her chair, the wheels turning in her head.


As of January 2012, Audrey no longer cares what your name is. Everyone is Mama. And she screams “MAMA!!!” at you to get your attention. When Daddy replies that he is “Daddy” she looks at him and goes, “Wawa!” or “Foo!”

She doesn’t allow others to get in her way or take things from her, she hits back.


While Skype’ing with Aunt Roo, Audrey became angry that Sydney got in the way of the computer and she could no longer see Aunt Roo. So Audrey tackled her.

When she has decided she’s done with her food she yells, “All done!” as she throws her plate, fork and the rest of the food on the floor.


In March 2012, she started saying, “Not-uh!!” to everything.

One day while Mama was doing school with Sydney she looked over and saw that Audrey was trying to lick her knee.

She hates the paper on crayons and takes it off before using the crayon.

When you call her she always replies, “Huh?” Even if she is in the middle of a tantrum.

On Easter she kept taking candies to Daddy and saying, “Guckka off!” talking about the candy wrapper.

She would shake the plastic Easter eggs and listen to them, if they had candy she’d ask for someone to help her open it, if they were empty she’d throw them.


She calls phones “hones” and insists that Mama and Daddy have their’s with them at all times.

She loves her baby brother, Zachary, and calls him, “My baby!” She gets very upset if he is crying, and insists on knowing his location as soon as she wakes up in the morning.



Countdown to TWO: Audrey’s First Year Part 2

Read Part 1 here.
Read Part 2 here.


At 7 months Audrey started to crawl with toy rings in both hands. These were her favorite toys, and as long as she had one she was totally happy.

Audrey was super serious, and would never smile for the camera, unless I was taking the picture,which prompted me to buy a fancy camera and start taking all the kids pictures.


When she would protest bedtime, naptime or when she woke up she’d put her face in between the bars of the crib and scream at the door._DSC0833

She is such a Drama Queen that it was hard to tell if she was hurt or simply dramatic.


She started walking at 9 months old, and when she’d turn the corner she’d deliberaly lose her balance so could turn.


During Sacrament meeting she’d see Jordan and scream, “DA!!!” the whole time.dsc1968

When we would tell her no she’d instantly screw up her whole face, cover her mouth with her hand, and run into the bathroom, and with one last sad look at you she’d slowly close the door. Leaving her in a dark bathroom. It ALWAYS made you feel bad for her!!_DSC2324

She hated wearing shoes, and would sit down and kick them off as soon as you put them on her.


Audrey’s First Year


Countdown to TWO: Audrey’s First Year Part 1

Read Part 1 here.


We brought Audrey home on June 25th, 2010. I had originally planned on leaving on the 24th and was very upset when that didn’t happen. Audrey lost a lot of weight. I was half asleep when they told Jordan that my discharge papers had been signed, and that I was free to go. Honestly, I’d wake up when they came into my room, but I’d fake asleep so that they would leave me alone and not poke at me. As soon as she left I got out of bed and got ready to leave! The nurse kept saying that I didn’t have to leave right that second. Jordan just laughed.img_1759

We took Audrey to church that same weekend. I was up, and so was everyone else, might as well go, right? During third hour (Relief Society) Audrey needed to be changed. So I took her to the bathroom, only bringing a changing pad, 1 diaper, wipes and a burp cloth. As soon as I changed her and was about to put the new diaper on her she pooped all over the new diaper, but it wasn’t on her yet! So the poo got all over the outside of the diaper. I started to panic, and then I realized I could just wrap the changing pad around her and run back to Relief Society and get another diaper. But then she peed all over the changing pad and all up her back, making her clothing useless to me as well. And just as I remember the burp cloth she threw up all over it. So I’m 5 days post-op, stuck in a bathroom with a naked baby, unsure of what to do, and it was bloody hot in that bathroom!! I was about five seconds from crying (and honestly I’m surprised I hadn’t already started) when I did the only thing I could think of; I prayed. No sooner had I uttered the word, “Please?” than a lady came into the bathroom with her baby, and a diaper bag! I asked her if she had a spare diaper, and she said she did but that it would be too big for my baby. Which it was, but I so didn’t care. I rolled the diaper down so that it would fit Audrey. By the time I got to Relief Society it was over. I had been in that bathroom for about half an hour! I always take the whole diaper bag with me now.


Audrey would fall asleep in your arms and then peek out at you every few minutes to make sure that you were still holding her.


She loved to suck on her thumb, and it took her a good three months to get the hang of it.

She loved thumbs so much that when she was 2 months old she grabbed my thumb and sucked on it.


She was terrified of a dog barking in the distance. Completely inconsolable.

When we tried to feed her food she would get so upset that she wouldn’t be able to eat.

She was extremely dramatic, and still is.


When we’d give her a yogurt puff it would be on the tip of her tongue and she’d be gagging profusely. But she was fully capable of shoving her whole hand in her mouth with no problem.

She would hold your hands while she drank her bottle.

The poor girl was so sensitive! In the hospital she broke out in hives every time I fed her. She would projectile vomit neon colored breast milk hours after she ate it. It was scary and awful. She went through many different formulas before we finally found one that didn’t make her sick. She ended up needing a prescription for a hypoallergenic formula.


At 3 months old she broke out in an awful rash. We thought it was diaper rash, yeast infections, eczema, etc. Turned out it was all of them. When we started cloth diapering the diaper rash and the yeast infections stopped but the eczema has stayed and has been a battle ever since.


Jordan’s nick name for Audrey is Bunny. And she was a pink bunny for her first Halloween.


Audrey and her Great-Great Grandma Melba Russell.

She started crawling at 5 months and would crawl along the couch with her hand under it trying to find goodies.


Her Baby’s First Christmas ornament is a Precious Moments ornament from Hallmark.

She cut her first tooth at 5 months old, unlike her sister who was 9 months.


Countdown To Two! Audrey Thyme

In 3 weeks my baby Audrey is going to be TWO.

My awesome friend, Lauren, did a countdown to her son’s third birthday last month. I thought this was awesome, so I’m stealing the idea.

Let the countdown begin!

After 1 year and 9 months of trying to get pregnant again, I finally found out on October 17th, 2009 that we had a baby on the way!


Baby was due on June 7th, 2010.

We found out on January 22nd, 2010 that we were expecting a girl!

img_1479 profile-001

And then we couldn’t decide what to name her! There were two “left over” names from Sydney that we liked, but Jordan vetoed my favorite and I vetoed his. So it was back to the drawing board.

I picked up my copy of As You Like It and read off the list of character names we decided we liked Audrey. Every other name after that we would say, “Eh, I don’t like it more than the name Audrey.” The only other name we even considered was Erica.


(March 2010, 30 weeks)img_1652

(June 4th, 2010 39w 4d)img_5048

Celebrating Jordan graduating with his Associates Degree, June 18th, 2010, 4 days before Audrey was born.

Weeks went by and I waited and waited and waited. And then had to have a c-section on June 22, 2010. You can read the birth story here.img_1686


7lbs 3oz, 19.25 inches long!

BEAUTIFUL baby girl! :)img_1689 img_1687

(I took this picture while I was still in surgery, the camera was placed up next to my face and I blindly took it. Yup, I’m super proud of it.)img_1694

Audrey and her Abuelita.img_1739

I love pictures of Daddies with their babies! :)img_5079

Daddy, Audrey andbig sister Sydney!