First Day of School

We started school on August 19th, Sydney is in 1st grade. As as per tradition, we made up our white board.


It’s become a bit of a tradition to torture all children take pictures of these beautiful siblings on the first day of school, regardless of who is actually being formally taught. I’m not exactly sure why Zachary wasn’t in this picture….


This year we are participating in a church co-op preschool called Joy School. Audrey’s first day happened to be the day before her tonsils were removed, so she missed the second day, unfortunately. Her first day was September 10th.


This sweet girl could probably have fit in her Hello Kitty backpack, but she insisted upon having it, and she LOVES it. She had a blast and was so excited about Joy School. I didn’t tell her she would be missing the second day or that she would be missing her first day of dance class. Shh, it will be a secret 😉

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See? I tortured them attempted to get a picture of the three of them together.

Audrey and I debated for almost an hour about her outfit for her first day of Joy School. She HATES jeans, and even sweat pants. She recently discovered leggings and told me, “I like it when my pants are CLOSE to my body!” She has about 10 pairs of adorable Sydney-hand-me-down jeans that she refuses to wear. And all the leggings she has go with specific outfits (I’m kind of a fashion police to my kids…) but we finally agreed on an outfit. I’m glad too, because the last time I tried to force her to wear jeans she tried to take them off in the doctor’s waiting room. That was awkward.


Sydney’s Back to School Fashion Show

This is totally for my Grandma, I thought she might enjoy it! :)
I love that Sydney always outgrows all of her clothes when it’s back to school shopping time.It’s very considerate of her!

I bought 3 pairs of jeans for her at a garage sale earlier this summer (not pictured), and she got another pair for her birthday (pictured) and then The Children’s Place was having a great sale…soooo, she now has plenty of jeans.

She also needed a few t-shirts.

So for the Back-to-School Season we have 4 new shirts, and 2 new pairs of jeans.

Along with all the beautiful clothes she got for her birthday.

Back to School