Fourth Grade Readers [2016-2017]

Before we can talk in depth about my curriculum choices for Sydney, it’s time to first tell you about all the good books we are reading!

The way I schedule this is pretty simple, she has 4 weeks to read 1 biography and 1 fiction. We have 8 weeks to read a read aloud fiction. She gets to pick the order, I don’t care so long as they all get read by the end of the school year.


The Phantom Tollbooth | Holes | The Voyage of the Dawn Treader
Running Out of Time | The Indian in the Cupboard


Mr. Lemoncello’s Library Olympics | Tuck Everlasting |Skinny Bones | The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane |Because of Winn-Dixie
Lunch Money | Escape from Mr. Lemoncello’s Library | Ella Enchanted | Sara, Plain and Tall | Prince Caspian


Christopher Columbus | Sally Ride | Pablo Picasso| Eleanor Roosevelt | Abraham Lincoln
Harriet Tubman | Sacagawea | Rosa Parks | Annie Oakley | Roald Dahl


4th of July

We had a lot of fun on the 4th of July. We spent most of the time with my in-laws, starting with a church breakfast picnic.

Afterwards we had our traditional pictures done, of course!


Lit off some fireworks with the cousins, and ate more yummy food.

Unfortunately Jordan wasn’t feeling well on the 4th, so we came home before the firework show and did a small show for the kids before we sent them to bed. Poor Audrey was not very amused by the fireworks. She thought they were interesting, but didn’t appreciate how loud they were. She has very sensitive ears. So she spent most of the time covering her ears.

Sydney was an old pro lighting off fireworks and having a blast. We had fun with my camera and took a picture of her drawing a heart with the sparklers.

Zachary thought the Roman Candles were very exciting, until they went off. He wasn’t amused then. (But we were!) He also amused us by trying to blow out all of the sparklers we made him hold. Apparently the boy has been to a few birthday parties 😉

4th2 copy



4th of July

Those cute Sherman kids, in order of birth:


DSC_3686 DSC_3733

Audrey’s shirt says “Little Miss Firecracker” any objections, anyone?

We celebrated by going to my in-laws, barbequing with them and then going to a firework show.


Fireworks are fun and all, but I still think the highlight was watching Audrey eat corn on the cob. It was hilarious! She used the handles, and would screw up her face in the funniest way while she took huge bites out of it. And she ate several pieces!!


She also insisted upon pulling her brother along in the wagon. She pulled him for a long ways too.

DSC_3793 DSC_3813

Happy Independence Day! :)


The Fourth of July

Despite being up all night in the ER with Audrey, we were still going to celebrate the 4th of July.
We started off with a ward breakfast, which I didn’t get any pictures of, but it was a lot of fun. Jordan spent time entertaining and chasing all the children, it was pretty funny.

And then we went to my in-laws for the afternoon. They had a big water fight! Audrey and I stayed safely on the trampoline, and she played with my squirt gun.


(She thought it was fun to suck the water out of the squirt gun.)

4th of July1

(Our family, and the girls. This is why I always wear sunglasses, I can’t handle the sun!)

And then we went home for some fireworks.

4th of July2

4th of July3

(All fireworks were done with supervision. The baby didn’t get to do any herself, no worries!)

Audrey wasn’t overly fond of fireworks. At one point she started walking down the street trying to get away from us. She’s a funny girl.


4th of July

We stayed home. But as most of you know, I love holiday related clothes. We have had Halloween, Christmas, Easter and 4th of July clothes every year since Sydney was born, for Sydney anyway. And sometimes jammies too!
This is the only picture I got, Sydney wouldn’t sit still and was too excited to light to go light off fireworks, which was a big improvement from her first 4th of July.Compare below:4th of July



Fireworks, Gymnatics and New Hair, oh my!

We have had a VERY busy week this week.

This was Sydney last year on her first 4th of July.IMG_1700

Needless to say, we decided to “practice” with fireworks this year. There was much improvement!IMG_0243

I can’t wait to do more tomorrow! Yey!

We put Sydney in a gymnastics class, it’s every Thursday night. It was so cute to watch her. Jordan did the class with her, while I took pictures in their viewing area. Next time we’ll switch, I’m not great with far away pictures.IMG_0229

And last but not least, Jordan spent FIVE hours with me at the beauty school getting my hair done. He got a hair cut, so he wasn’t bored for the first half hour. I wanted my hair closer to my natural tone, so that I don’t have to dye it so much anymore. But, of course, I got some streaks put in, because I knew I wouldn’t like it if it was just one color. It wasn’t suppose to be a black streak, it was suppose to be dark brown, and there are so red ones in there too. They are called ‘peek-a-boo’ streaks, they are kind of hidden so that when they grow out they don’t look tacky.
But of course there is no good picture of my hair, so you will all have to see it in person. 😀IMG_0250

Happy 4th of July!