Preschool with Zachary

¬†Well, I’ve since talked about Audrey. I guess it’s time to talk about everyone else’s curriculum choices in depth. So next up is my youngest homeschooler, Mr. Zachary! Zachary went to a fabulous preforming arts preschool last year, so when I started trying to do our Letter of the Week curriculum I realized that he was getting bored very quickly, often asking for more work to do, and whizzing through it very quickly. So, again, we changed midyear.Zachary


Zachary is currently working his way through The Good and the Beautiful‘s Pre-K course book. We are also using some of our favorite supplements from Confessions of a Homeschooler‘s LOTW curriculum, along with using worksheets from Preschool Mom. I absolutely love the silly worksheets! They trace the letter, write the letter, circle the letters, color a coordinating animal, and then try to draw their own! Zachary LOVES these worksheets and has so much fun trying to draw the animals. The suppliments we are using from LOTW are the Do a Dot worksheets, Zachary loves the dot markers and is so excited to work on those. He actually asks daily to do them, but he only gets to do them every other day. He also does all cut and paste worksheets and coloring pages from LOTW. We do them as we learn the letter with Pre-K from The Good and the Beautiful. He should be finished with Pre-K in a few more weeks, and when he’s done we will move on to All About Reading‘s Pre-Reading to prepare him for Kindergarten next year. We are also using the Coconut Tree from previous years, putting up the letters are we pass them off. This spring he is also participating in t-ball, which will be a new adventure for our family.

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