When Boredom Hits…

So…it’s been a while since my last post. Quincey is now 8 months (tomorrow), Sydney turned 9, and Ruby turns 2 next week.

I love my blog and I really need to get better at updating this! Eeesh.

Well, here’s the update on our homeschooling situation.


I’ve posted before about when homeschooling becomes hard and how it’s best to just power through the times when you have zero motivation.

But what about when that time stretches for a lot longer than a few weeks?

We’ve used Sonlight/Book Shark since our first year of elementary school with Sydney (2012), and we’ve used The Well Trained Mind’s programs for history, writing, and grammar since the first grade with Sydney (2013.)

But this year, in the 4th grade? Sydney and I were BURNT OUT and BORED.

It was bad, guys. Really bad. We ended up so far behind and just hating it, we’d get ready to do Writing with Ease and she didn’t want to do, and what’s worse? I didn’t want to teach it!

And it wasn’t like she hated writing, she is currently in the process of writing her own book, she’s always making  up stories and wanting to write them down.

We just didn’t want to do the curriculum work.

So what do you do then? Do you suck it up and push through?

In our case, NO. I found a new curriculum. What’s better is that they offered a free download for it!

Enter The Good and the Beautiful curriculum.

Sydney and I are both really enjoying it!

I like that I’m not reading the exact same instructions every single day. I like that in the 4th grade she’s mostly responsible for doing her own work, but that there are times we can do it together.

I like that it incorporates art history into it.

I’m pretty much in love!

We also had to do some major changes with our science and our history curriculum, because it just wasn’t happening.

And school not happening? Not really an option!

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  1. Kamila J says:

    I was just wondering what curriculum you are currently using with Audrey’s?

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