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A friend asked me to do more pregnancy updates on the blog. So here you go.

Baby Quincy is now 28 weeks along. We’ve now hit the THIRD trimester! Yey!

For the most part this pregnancy has been rather uneventful, symptom wise.

But at 23 weeks I went in for my anatomy scan, and it was just about the weirdest ultrasound I’ve ever had.

It started with the doctor saying, “You’re here for a 20 week scan?” Yes. “You’re TWENTY weeks?” No, I’m 23 weeks. “Oh, wow, you’re really small!” Thanks?

Then he was getting everything set up and he goes, “Wait, have you had a c-section?” Yup, two of them. “You’ve had TWO of them?!” (Puts his face inches from my c-section incision) “Wow, you’ve got great skin! You healed really well.” Again, thanks? Please get away from my incision and focus on my belly.

Anyhow, Quincy measured right where he should, and his head measured 4 days bigger than his body. So another big brained baby is in my future. He’s still a boy, and he has all his vital organs and they look amazing. And then I got asked the weirdest question ever.

“Have you ever been told you have a short cervix?”

Um, no. What does that mean?

“Well, it could be indicative of preterm labor. If you make it the third trimester you should have it rechecked.”

Um, IF?! I had 5 weeks left. Are you telling me I’m going to have a micro premie in the next five weeks?!

Wonderful. Anyway, talked to my midwife, looked up the info from all previous ultrasounds, and we’ve come to the conclusion that I’m probably just fine. With Ruby I was short and dilating at 36 weeks and still went another 4 weeks. So, Baby Q, you’d better stay in there for another 8 weeks minimum.

Anyhow, here are some stats for you:

Total weight gain? 10 lbs. Which made WIC really unhappy. Apparently I need to up my calorie intake so I fit into the grey area of their chart. Not happening!

Maternity clothes? Yes, I’ve been wearing the shirts for a while. But I finally gave in and started wearing the pants.

Stretch marks? Nothing new. I haven’t had any new ones since Audrey.

Sleep? Thanks to my Cal/Mag supplement GREAT. I’m still exhausted though.

Best moment this week? Making it to the third trimester! Seriously, such a relief!

Miss anything? Breathing normally.

Movement? He’s finally starting to move a lot! Jordan even got to feel him! He’s still not super crazy like several of my babies, but he wiggles.

Food cravings? Poptarts, Circus cookies, Rainbow goldfish. Basically every 2 year old’s dream food.

Anything making you feel sick or queasy? Nope.

Showing? Yup.

Gender? Boy!

Labor signs? None.

Symptoms? Heartburn. Burning all the hair off my baby.

Belly button in or out? In. When I had my endometrosis surgery in 2014 they glued my belly button back together very nicely. So it’s way cuter than it was after my first three babies. That was very kind of Dr. C 😉

Wedding ring on or off? On.

Happy or moody most of the time? Happy, just tired from severe anemia.

Looking forward to: Starting Q’s blanket!

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  1. Pop tarts sound amazing. And I’m slightly jealous you’ve only gained ten pounds. I hope you will keep up with these updates. They are so fun to read!!!

  2. G & G Smith says:

    You better get that blanket going or you won’t make it!
    Love, G & G

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