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So I’ve made it my personal goal to write more on my blog. Not just the monthly updates about Ruby but really work towards making this blog our family’s history.

So naturally, I’m writing a post about five of my favorite new baby things. Because what goes on in my life more than babies? This also will serve as a remember in case I forget what my favorite things are. Mama brain is a REAL thing!

So here’s a list of FIVE of my favorite things for new babies! This post contains affiliate links, but all opinions are my own and I bought all these products myself.

  1. Lil Joey Cloth Diapers

These diapers are my favorites for itty bitty newborns. My babies have all been 7lbs and we cloth diapered Zachary and Ruby from the start. For both of them the first diaper on the bum was a Lil Joey. They fit great, we didn’t have any problems with leaks, and I love their snap down for the umbilical stump. My husband is really awesome and changes the diapers for the first two weeks, these also get the hubby’s thumbs up for ease. I bought a new diaper just for baby Quincy, and guess what? It’s nautical! (Which is truly why I bought it.)


2. Earth Mama Angel Baby Bottom Balm

Yeah, try saying that 3 times fast! I absolutely love Earth Mama Angel Baby products, and their bottom balm is no exception. When my newborns are first born we try to keep their bum moist so that the horrible meconium poop doesn’t stick to them. It makes diaper changes much easier! I also use this product on older babies when they get diaper rashes and it works great.


3. A carrier

I’ve tried a few different carriers over the years. The first one I tried was a Baby Bjorn but it definitely was not meant for someone of my height and it was horribly uncomfortable. I’ve also tried a Moby which I liked for around the house but all the tying was not fun while trying to make sure my 4 year old and 2 year old didn’t escape 😉

Which led me to the Ergo, I’m a big fan! And last year for my birthday Jordan told me to get another carrier for the house, while I love the Ergo it’s not great for sitting. Ruby always wanted to be close to me and I needed something I could sit in while teaching homeschool lessons. Enter Baby Hawk! It’s a soft structured carrier like my Ergo, but it ties like the Moby, which makes it so, so, so awesome and very comfortable. Ruby spent a lot of time in it while I’d made dinner or teach lessons.


4. CJ’s Spritz

Okay, so maybe it’s time to admit that I’m really picky. Or I have a weird thing with scents. I really don’t like unscented wipes. They just…don’t smell clean. But a lot of the smells of scented wipes give me a headache and give my babies a rash. With Audrey we had to use cloth wipes because whatever is in mainstream wipes would make her rash worse. So I’d use water and just a little bit of CJ’s Spritz in a squirt bottle to clean her up. We do the same thing now, except that we just squirt our wipes. This makes the wipe a little wetter, which is useful, and it makes it smell so good! CJ’s has so many yummy scents, my favorites being Sweet Orange and My Pixie Pie.

spritz_so__75319.1431382948.500.7505. WubbaNub Infant Pacifier

I saved my favorite for last. Because without these I don’t know what I’d do! I’ve breast fed the last 3 babies with ranging success (2 weeks-10 months. It’s a range!) But around day 3 I need something to help them sleep that isn’t my boob. These pacifiers are the BEST. I swaddle up my baby and pop the pacifier in their mouth after they’ve fallen asleep and I’ve unlatched them. The little stuffed animal makes it so easy to find in the dark, and it also holds just enough weight that if they stop sucking it will hold it in place for them. They come with a Soothie pacifier attached, but I’m now seeing that you can buy one that you can attach to any pacifier. I think Quincy might need one 😉


And here’s my Ruby modeling how we swaddle and pacifier the baby. With Audrey snuggling her, because that’s a big part of being the baby! Lots of snuggles.


Next week I’ll share my favorite products FOR MAMA.

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  1. Love this!!! Very helpful for s few things I’ve been wondering.. My newborn stash is all bg…. How do you feel about them? I’m a little worried they won’t be a good option..

    • My newborn stash is Lil Joeys and bumGenius! I usually start with just LJ and then after a few weeks transition to BG before they are big enough to go to the 4.0s. With Zachary I only had 4 Lil Joey’s and mostly BG they worked just fine, didn’t have any problems. The diaper goes over their stump though, which kind of wigged Jordan out.

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