11 Months | Ruby Lyndis


Well, this is the last month of Ruby’s first year.

And it’s very sad to me to think that she’s almost a year!!

She is very independent in most things.

This month we moved! We bought a house in Battle Ground, and Ruby is loving crawling up the stairs. In this house she has her own room (it’s a half room), it took a couple of nights to get her to sleep in it, but it finally happened.

She loves to say “ooooo” to just about everything.

When she doesn’t like something she does what we call the “devil banshee scream.” The name is pretty self explanatory.

She’s figured out how to hold her bottle while sitting up.

When she is really hungry and you are shaking the bottle she will spit out her pacifier and throw it across the room.

She also throws the pacifier when she isn’t ready for sleeping and she thinks you’re going to make her go to sleep.

Throws the bottle when it’s empty or doesn’t want it anymore. Apparently she likes to throw.

Just discovered books!

Loves to give mama kisses.

My first child to not be afraid of the vacuum

Wasn’t afraid of Santa. Wasn’t particularly fond of him, but no tears.

Loves to pull things out of drawers.

Starting to climb more every day.

Starting to gain more confidence with walking.

Finally got two more teeth on December 26th, 2015.

I can’t believe that next month she’s going to be ONE. This little girl has brought so much joy and laughter into our lives over the past 11 months.

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