10 Months! | Ruby Lyndis

This is another month in which we are going to pretend that I’m on it 😉

This month has been very exhausting! We are in the process of buying a house, and really I feel like that is a full time job! I’ve pretty much sworn that I’m never doing it again.

Anyhow, my baby is really cute.


This last month introduced us to a few new things with Miss Ruby.

Ruby celebrated her first Halloween, and her first costume was a representation of the Gryffindor house at Hogwarts. She makes mama proud 😉

She also celebrated her first Thanksgiving, she enjoyed eating all the yummy foods! Mashed potatoes, yams, and rolls were her favorites.

She started letting go of furniture and leaning with her bum against the couch. Eventually this turned into her “trying” to walk, which was basically her belly flopping onto the floor and becoming very irritated.

She hates pants!

She figured out how to climb up the stairs.

She has taken a few steps unassisted, if she’s properly motivated.

No new teeth yet, but it looks like we are working on those top teeth.

She has figured out how to pull on her hair bows. Which means she usually snaps herself in the face.

I’ve convinced Jordan to keep her bows on during church. The compromise is that she won’t wear one the other days of the week, or the rest of the day on Sunday. Only during church. This deal does have the clause about monthly photos being taken.

She doesn’t try to suck her thumb anymore. She’s purely a binkie baby.

When she gets angry about being put in her crib she throws her binkie or bottle out of the crib. Then screams because she actually wanted those.

She’s FINALLY settled down into something that resembles a routine. She is usually awake at 8 am, eats, then plays until about 11 in which it is time for a short 30-60 minute nap. Eat around 1, play, sleep at 3 until about 5, play until 8. Bedtime seems to be either 8 or 10 depending on her mood. Occasionally she will fall asleep on her own, but on the days where she can’t I’m enjoy the snuggles.She claps about everything. If something makes a big noise she says, “Ooooo.” She waves, in the sense that she sticks her hand out. No actual movement yet, so we joke that she’s saying, “Goodbye, peasants! Your queen is leaving now.”Oh, and guess what? Ruby’s going to be a BIG SISTER in May! <3DSC_7519

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