Halloween 2015

When your mom has had a Harry Potter addiction for the past 14 years (which is more than half her life, let’s be honest here) it’s only natural that at one point in your life you’ll have to dress up as Harry Potter characters to please her.

2015 was that year.

Why did I wait so long? (Several of my friends have expressed confusion that I waited until now.)

Well, I currently have four beautiful children, and there are four Hogwarts houses. (Also, spell check didn’t try to tell me that Hogwarts isn’t a word. I can die happy now.)


Now, while I am completely obsessed, I am really careful with my children and what I let be put into their minds. We don’t do scary, and the Harry Potter books can get scary for some children, and the later books get darker and IMO too dark for my small kiddos. So, I make them wait until they are eight years old to read the first three books. The rest are undecided on what ages they are appropriate.

So, only Sydney has read any of the books. She’s the only one who understood it. The rest of them just went along with it to please me 😉 They’re awesome!

Sydney is my intelligent, reader who thinks long and hard on everything. So clearly she’s Ravenclaw. Audrey is loyal, true, and the sweetest little girl I know. She’s also a particularly good finder (in case you’ve seen A Very Potter Musical, haha) so she’s the perfect Hufflepuff. Zachary is a stinker, so he’s Slytherin 😉 And Ruby is brave to join our family (okay…so I already had a Gryffindor diaper, so she automatically got Gryffindor.)


This year we saw the grandparents, and got soaking wet getting back to the car, so we decided against going to our yearly Trunk or Treat, since it was pouring buckets. No thanks! Instead we went to my mom’s house and my sister did my make up. Which made up for my lack of a costume.


This year we only carved FOUR pumpkins, despite having six ready for us. Jordan’s rotted quickly so it got tossed. And after carving theirs I just didn’t feel like carving another, so just the four this year. Next year we might just paint them, because this is the reality.



Okay, so actually the kids were not too bad this year. Audrey did scoop out a lot of her pumpkin, and Sydney gave it a good effort (her pumpkin had extremely an extremely tough shell, it was difficult for Jordan and I), and Zachary was a stinker.


In the beginning Zachary ran off after blowing raspberries at us.

In the middle Audrey got bored and Sydney got frustrated.

So in the end, they watched Hocus Pocus. Jordan scooped, I carved, and Ruby ate a snack.

This year our theme was “simple” so the kids either choose a face from Pinterest (and EASY one) or drew their own, and I carved it out. Jordan did Ruby’s sunshine.


That’s a wrap! We had fun, got lots of yummy goodies, and stayed warm and dry tonight while we watched Hotel Transylvania with the kiddos, pausing it to pass out candy to those brave souls who were trick or treating.

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