Nine Months Old | Ruby Lyndis


Look! It’s still October, so I’m doing pretty good. And this picture was taken ON her 9th month, so I’m doing REALLY good.

Do you recognize that bed? Nope, it’s not mine. But it’s the same bed that I was on while I had my maternity pictures taken, NINE MONTHS AGO!

But seriously, my baby is now nine months old. Just no, not cool, Miss Ruby.

Ruby loves to be sang to, her favorite is Fall Out Boy. I usually sing “Alone Together” while I rock her to sleep.

Ruby also likes to dance to Fall Out Boy, especially “Phoenix.” Okay…maybe I just like Fall Out Boy and I listen to them often. But it’s why my kids like my music 😉

She is doing better on the sleep front. I feel badly for complaining that she’s my worst sleeper, because in reality she isn’t a bad sleeper. But her 3 older siblings were fantastic sleepers. She’s just not fantastic at sleeping yet.

But she did sleep in her own bed for an entire week, she went to sleep in it and woke up 10 hours later in it. Which is pretty awesome.

She loves fleece blankets. I hate fleece, so Jordan (and probably my Gramma) get a good laugh about it.

She’s not so much a thumb sucker anymore, and is a big fan of her pacifier.

She doesn’t like pureed food, but loves table food. Jordan is awesome at feeding her things off his plate. She loves beans!

She has started to tease her brother, and she LOVES making him angry. He is definitely her favorite person and if he pays her any attention she’s laughing up a storm.

She got TWO teeth this month!

This month she got to go to the pumpkin patch.

This girl can be such a calm, patient little thing. And luckily she chooses pretty good times to do that. But most of the time she wants to be on the floor getting into EVERYTHING. She loves CDs, she loves to clap her hands, pull herself up on anything and everything, she is constantly moving around!


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  1. G & G smith says:

    Ha Ha!!

  2. G & G smith says:

    Your kids look happy and healthy – That’s what counts! And you and Jordan are doing very well, in our opinion! Love, G & G

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