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Zachary was born at 43 weeks and 11 hours of hard labor. I figured that Ruby would probably follow the same pattern, especially the overdue part since all of my babies have been overdue. But I prayed that she wouldn’t be an 11 hour labor.

The day before my due date I woke up feeling super sore. Everything hurt. I texted Lauren and told her that I was pretty sure my pelvis was going to pop off and that I was “dying to death.” I was very dramatic about the whole thing, and very depressed about it being my due date was the next day, and even more depressed at the thought of feeling this way for another three weeks. I couldn’t sit comfortably, my feet couldn’t be crammed into heels anymore, I was not comfortable at all.


Despite being very uncomfortable I survived the day; school with the kids, dance and piano lessons, celebrated Kazoo day, had Family Home Evening and then played the most difficult game of Frozen Memory with the family. During which I did a lot of shifting trying to get comfortable. I failed. Jordan and I went to bed around 10. I’d been having Braxton Hicks contractions for several weeks, they were irritating but no where near painful, so nothing new had been happening when I went to sleep.

I woke up around midnight and my BH were a little more pinchy, mostly just full of pressure. I woke Jordan up around 12:30 and asked if I could hold his hand while my contractions were uncomfortable, then I told him I thought I would be going into labor later that day, so maybe we should think about getting stuff set up. Maybe. I wasn’t sure if I was really going to go into labor. After all, it was officially my due date, and I don’t do that.

My midwife instructed me that as soon as I was having real contractions that I should call. My contractions still weren’t crazy painful, but I was becoming panicky about the idea of having another one and I was starting to burn up and sweat. Which reminded me of a friend’s labor from several years ago. So, maybe I was in labor? I told Jordan to call Angela (the midwife) around 1, figuring she’d come out and tell me this wasn’t the real thing and to call again later. My contractions were getting more painful but they weren’t getting more regular or forming a pattern. Sometimes they’d be 20 minutes apart, sometimes just 1 minute apart, and pretty much everything in between. Sometimes they’d be so painful Jordan would have to help me, and sometimes it was no big deal and I was fine to handle it by myself while he blew up my tub.

Shortly after calling Angela I had another contraction that made me wonder if I was going to throw up, sweat to death or just implode. Or really, all of the above. So I rolled out of bed and found a pink bowl sitting on the floor. Perfect! If I puke, I have a bucket. The bathroom was too far away anyhow (15 feet is a long way away when you’re about to sweat to death.) Later I asked Jordan where the bowl came from, he gave a “are you crazy?!” look and said, “You said you were going to puke, so I got you a bowl…” I absolutely don’t remember telling him anything.

After I realized that I probably wasn’t going to be throwing up or imploding I texted Lauren and told her to come. When she didn’t answer right away I called her and yelled into the phone, “Read your text messages!” and hung up. This was at 1:35 am. She called back and said she was on her way.

About five minutes later I got back into my bed and told Jordan that I couldn’t do it anymore and that I was dying. I felt very out of control at this point, and my next contraction made me scream. Jordan applied counter pressure to my lower back which helped a lot. He also modeled the proper way to breath through my contractions. When I said I couldn’t do it he told me to think of the baby. I replied that I really didn’t like her very much right now. I felt very in control during Zachary’s birth. I was not in control during this AT ALL. I’m rather glad no one was around to witness all the swearings that I swore at this point in labor. I could have put a sailor to shame. Or made him very proud of my terrible vocabulary.

And then suddenly my water broke. I had no idea how dilated I was, or really anything about how close she was. I just knew that from past experience once my water breaks baby is coming fast.

My birth tub was not set up. It was inflated, but that’s as far as Jordan had gotten between trying to inflate it and trying to help me through contractions. He asked me what I wanted to do now, I replied I wanted to be in water, so he helped me sprint into the bathroom (the whole way there I apologized for ruining a mattress, which I didn’t but at that time I had no idea.) where we filled up the regular tub with water and he poured it on my back while I started pushing.

Which didn’t help the panic that had set in. Because NO ONE was here. My midwives hadn’t showed up yet, Lauren wasn’t there. I was still wearing pants. And I’m only talking about my panic, Jordan was totally calm. He realized way before I did that no one was going to make it and he was going to have to be ready to catch the baby.

Then at 2:04 my midwives arrived and started to set everything up. Jordan announced the he could see the head, so they ran into the bathroom just in time to help me stand up and deliver the rest of her body at 2:06 am. What Jordan didn’t tell me until afterwards was that her whole head was out, complete with her hand next to her face.

And I was standing there holding my baby when Lauren showed up at 2:07 am.

I was pretty shaky and just in complete shock. I think I said, “I just had a baby.” about 20 times. It was a two hour labor. I had a baby in two hours. I’m still completely shocked.


Not to mention she was born on her due date.

Who does that?! (Answer: only 5% of births.)

A labor that last three hours or less is called a precipitous birth, and is also considered to be extremely rare, only 2% of births.

Jordan joked that Ruby is a Cinderella baby, the clock struck midnight on my due date and she decided to evacuate, QUICKLY.

Not only was she born on her due date but she was also born on what would have been my great-grandpa Russell’s 90th birthday. Pretty awesome!

Born: January 29th, 2015 @ 2:06 am

She is 7lbs 2oz, 19.5 inches long with a 14 inch head (not including hand.)

She is the exact same size as Sydney was at birth.


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  1. We love your descriptiveness of your birth of Ruby! She’s such a cutie, and I’m sure that you feel now that it was worth every minute of labor. Love, G & G

  2. G & G smith says:

    Love the narrative!

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