2015 Goals

On New Year’s Eve we were challenged to make TWELVE goals for the year 2015 and which month we’d like to accomplish them by.

Some of my goals I do not have a set month, because for some of them it’s not practical. But here are a FEW of my goals, some of them I want to keep private. :)

In January I would like to finish Audrey and Ruby’s quilts. I started a baby blanket for Ruby that I need to finish and a twin sized quilt for Audrey that also needs to be completed. I want to finish both by the end of January.

In February I want to have a baby girl named Ruby! Sorry to all those who are hoping she will beat Zachary’s record, we are hoping our January due date baby will come in February and NOT March 😉

In June I plan on graduating with my Associates in Arts from Portland Community College!

In August I’d like to start my Bachelor’s Degree at Washington State University.

By November I want us moved into our house that we are currently saving to buy.

In December I am hoping that I’ll have made enough money selling Jamberry Nail Wraps to pay for a trip to Disney Land for our family.

Other goals I have for 2015 include the cliche be more patient, organized and loving when it comes to my children and homeschooling.

Regarding this blog I want to be better at posting, my goal is 4 posts per month. One on homeschooling, one monthly wrap up (I’m working on December’s!), and two misc ones about whatever pops into my head 😉

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