Zachary is 18 Months

So I guess it’s time that I admit this…but Zachary is now 18 months.


Crazy, isn’t it? I hate how quickly time flies! :(

My little “failure to thrive” baby is now 21lbs 2oz and 32 inches! He’s taking after Audrey and growing like crazy after his first birthday.

He has started to talk up a storm! He says:
-Sissy (Sydney)
-Aubee (Audrey)
-I need more
-More (he also signs this)
-Here you go
-Uh huh
-Uh no
-Uh oh!
-Gukka! (A family word for “gross” thanks to Sydney.)

He LOVES to play peek-a-boo, and if anyone says it he instantly starts to play.

He blows raspberries.

He loves to jump up and yell “boo!”

He loves to play with cars. The girls have a Barbie Slug Bug, and he loves to go “Vroom!” and then kill it in a fire explosive crash (I can tell by the noises he makes.)

He now climbs onto chairs, which leads him to climb onto the table.

He’s finally starting to get hair!! Yey!!! Fohawks EVERYDAY! Or at least on the days that I remember.

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  1. G & G Smith says:

    Great Picture of Z-O! Yes, they do have to grow up.

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