4th of July

We had a lot of fun on the 4th of July. We spent most of the time with my in-laws, starting with a church breakfast picnic.

Afterwards we had our traditional pictures done, of course!


Lit off some fireworks with the cousins, and ate more yummy food.

Unfortunately Jordan wasn’t feeling well on the 4th, so we came home before the firework show and did a small show for the kids before we sent them to bed. Poor Audrey was not very amused by the fireworks. She thought they were interesting, but didn’t appreciate how loud they were. She has very sensitive ears. So she spent most of the time covering her ears.

Sydney was an old pro lighting off fireworks and having a blast. We had fun with my camera and took a picture of her drawing a heart with the sparklers.

Zachary thought the Roman Candles were very exciting, until they went off. He wasn’t amused then. (But we were!) He also amused us by trying to blow out all of the sparklers we made him hold. Apparently the boy has been to a few birthday parties 😉

4th2 copy


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  1. G & G Smith says:

    Looks like mostly a good day!

  2. That topmost picture on the left of all your babies smiling together is ADORABLE!

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