Zachary at 1 Year


At one year old, Zachary has absolutely no interested in walking. None whatsoever. He hasn’t even attempted to walk yet. (Unlike his sisters who were fully walking at 11 months and 9 months.)

He has 4 teeth, two on top and two on bottom.

He says, “Mama”, “Dada”, “Hi, guys!”, “tickle, tickle, tickle.”

He shakes his head “no” and nods it “yes.” It is hilarious. I need to capture it on video.

He loves to clap his hands.

Even though he isn’t walking he is still SUPER busy and active. He doesn’t want to cuddle or be held. He wants to be down crawling around.

He is the first of my babies to take milk at a year old. Sydney and Audrey both hated whole milk and refused to take it until they were 18 months, so they stayed on formula.

He doesn’t like sippy cups too much, so we are still on the bottle. He loves his sister’s sippys though and tries to steal them.

He is still a thumb sucker, and has begun to cuddle with other things while he sucks his thumb. I love the thumb sucking.

He weighs 18lbs 5oz, and is 28 inches tall.

He can stand on his own, pushing up from the ground, but refuses to take any steps. If you try to entice him with a toy or food he just gets down and crawls to you.

He babbles all day long. I love his voice!

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