Window Dangers

I have often said that June 22nd, 2010 (aka Audrey’s birthday) was the scariest day of my life. Her birth was scary and traumatizing for me, there was nothing wrong with her.

But because of her I have a new “scariest day ever.”

On Friday afternoon we had a LOT of excitement.

Not the fun kind.

Jordan and I were talking as he was changing from work clothes to regular clothes before he went off to work on his group project when Sydney bursts into our bedroom yelling, “Audrey just fell out the window!!”

Wait, what?


This is how their bedroom is set up. The window is NEVER unlocked, and never opened. Sydney is not much of a climber (I have to bribe her to climb to get a cup out of the cupboard) so when Sydney said Audrey fell out, I figured she means that Audrey fell into her bedroom. Nonetheless, she was probably hurt, so I went running into their bedroom.

I couldn’t see Audrey anywhere. But the window was not only unlocked and opened, but the screen was gone, and I could hear Audrey crying. Below me.

I was too afraid to look out the window. Every year my grandparents send me news articles of children who have fallen out of second story windows and not lived to tell the tale. So instead of looking out the window I started screaming, and running (with Zachary in my arms) towards the stairs.

As soon as I started screaming Jordan went running out of the bedroom and was downstairs in the backyard before I even made it TO the stairs. I grabbed my cellphone on the way down and started dialing 911.

Although he knew that he probably wasn’t suppose to move her, he instantly picked Audrey up. She was conscious, crying and trying to get up. So he picked her up and brought her inside, she was shaking all over.

The firefighters and EMTs were here in 3 minutes. They strapped Audrey down and asked which of us was going with her, Jordan was fully dressed so he was going. I did not fancy the idea of going to the ER in my Harry Potter t-shirt and pj pants.

Jordan went off with her while the firefighters assured me that she looked great. The fact that she was crying and telling people “no” was a good sign. There was no blood, and nothing was descended. When we closed the door Sydney asked when she would see her sister again.

After a quick call to my mama, and a text to family and friends asking them to pray for Audrey, I got the story from Sydney. Sydney (my non-climbing child) had climbed her bed and unlocked and opened the window. And then Audrey reclined the recliner in her room, and crawled across the top of it to get to the window ledge. While sitting on the ledge she fell backwards out of the window.

Shortly after I got the story, my friend Lauren called. She asked why I was still home and told me to call another friend, Nikki, and see if she could watch Sydney and Zachary so I could be with my girl. Nikki instantly agreed and she actually came and got my other two kids. I got dressed before she got here, and was ready to go as soon as my kiddos were loaded up.

Last I’d heard from Jordan was that Audrey had been put out so that they could do the images. I guess the nurse was trying to be funny, and possibly try to lighten the mood, and told Jordan that the medication they gave Audrey is the same drug that Michael Jackson used when he overdosed and died. Um, yeah, that was NOT what you say to a parent before you administer it to their daughter! Ugh. Jordan luckily told her so, and she apologized. But seriously? Anyway…

I got to the ER shortly after she came out of imaging and she was starting to wake up. I felt pretty special because as soon as she woke she asked for me, and was hold my hand. A little while later they said she had been cleared, her brain and spine looked great, and they freed her from her straps and let her get up. She got to eat a Popsicle and was happy about that. She had to stay for about another hour so they could see how she was walking, she had said her knee hurt. But about 3 hours after she got there she was released. We were told that she had a small bruise on her lung, but that it would heal on it’s own. She also got a small chip in her tooth, but it’s a baby tooth so it will be fine too.


I took her to the Chiropractor as well, to make sure that everything was still in alignment, they said her back looked great and that her shoulders and neck were a little stiff, but that there wasn’t too much damage for what she went through.


My little girl is VERY lucky. It was a huge miracle and blessing that I got to bring her home that night. I was told that the Health Department gives away free childproof locks. We weren’t willing to wait, so while Jordan bathed the kids (Audrey still had dirt on her head, knee and arm, and smelled like a hospital) I went to Home Depot to get childproof window locks. They prevent the window from being opened too much. Now we have a fire hazard instead, so I guess you have to pick which you’re more afraid of.


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  1. G & G Smith says:

    She is a miracle child! And we were so relieved to hear she was all right!!!!!!

  2. Wow, I had tears in my eyes just reading about it! I’m happy to hear she’s OK!

  3. It really was a close shave! I’m really glad that Audrey was ok. I guess we can never be too careful – I stay in an apartment 12 stories up, and installed window grilles once my little one started to crawl.

  4. Solution: Never live in a house with more than one story. Eee gads! :(


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