A Day in the Life of a Homeschooler [Day 2]

I said yesterday that there would be chaos, remember?

UGH! <- That is how I would talk about this day.

7:30 AM – My alarm goes off and I turn it off. But I’m not getting up yet. The house is quiet and I am not ready to get out of my warm bed.

8:30 AM – Audrey crawls into my bed, hit’s me in the face and tells me she’s hungry. Time to start the day! While I make the kids breakfast I realize that I forgot to run the dishwasher the night before. No breakfast is eaten by the mama. No scriptures are read.

I run upstairs so I can at least get dressed before Zachary wakes up. I get as far as putting on jeans, but before I can put on a t-shirt Sydney tells me that Audrey spilled her cereal. So I run back downstairs, I’m wearing nice jeans so we can ignore the pj shirt, right? I clean the mess, and then hear Zachary wake up. So back up the stairs I go to get him up and changed and fed.

9:30 AM – I attempt to get the girls to clean their room. That’s not working much for me.

10:00 AM – I attempt to take Zachary’s 9 month pictures. This is also not working. Zachary just wants to stand up, and it’s too cloudy. Boo.


10:45 AM – Zachary’s gotten grump, and so has Audrey. I put them both down for a nap and Sydney and I go downstairs to work on school.

Remember how I said on a good day school lasts 1 hour?

Today is not a good day.


All About Spelling went fine. And then I told her we were going to do our thank you cards. They are SO cute! I wish I would have taken a picture of them before I mailed them. While Audrey was avoiding her nap I had her putting stickers on the envelopes.



We struggled through our study on the New Testament, Sydney not remembering what happen. She wasn’t remembering her science lesson. She quickly read through her reading lesson, which caused her to guess on most of the words, and get them wrong. She was not happy when I made her re-read them.


Writing was done sloppy and half done. I had to erase most of it and ask her to do it again. This ended with tears and her asking what she did wrong. I had to remind myself to keep calm and to make lots of comments about what she DID do right. I’m not sure it helped, she was pretty upset over having to redo words.

The one bright moment was us reading Dolphin Adventure together, she loves that book.

We were still sitting at the table when Jordan got home from work. He quickly ate and left for school. I reminded him he needed to be home by 6, because I am currently the Cub Scout Den Leader, and I was hoping to not take all three kids with me.

School took 3 hours today. And after school was over Audrey woke up late from her nap and was so grumpy, as she missed lunch. Sandwiches were made. Girls were fighting over goldfish. Zachary hates his bouncer, and he let me know it. And I tried to make sure my lesson for Cub Scouts was fully prepared.

At 5 I realized I should start making dinner, so I quickly put together taco salad. I ate quickly. Re-fried beans are awful and are not a substitute for chilli. I wish I had realized this before putting the left overs away and mixing it all together. But I was eating quickly, and didn’t realize at the time. I told to kids to keep eating while I watched out the window for Jordan. He showed up at 5:59, I told him to leave the engine running, and was grateful that scouts is so close to my house.

Reading back over it, it doesn’t seem as hectic as it was. But trust me it was! :)

I think having the day scheduled works much better for us. 😉

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  1. G & G Smith says:

    With 3 children, they can’t all be perfect! Sounds like you did well, and loved Zach’s sweater!

  2. Sounds hectic to me! Everything is awful when the kids are grumpy and whining.

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