Substitutions for Readers

I *love* Sonlight books!

┬áThere are a few that we don’t use, though. Sydney is currently reading First Grade Readers. She was not impressed with the I Can Read It! books. Not. At. All.

So I spent the summer writing up lesson plans with books that would replace those three books. And just switched them out. They take up the same amount of time, and once we hit week 25 she’ll be back to using their Readers lesson plans.

I thought I’d share them with you.

I raided our book shelves for books we already owned. And the first stop was Bob Books Set 5. We hadn’t gotten to those before we were done with Preschool, so I had her read those first. There are 8 books in set 5, so she read one per week.


Did you know the Bob Books now has readers for the older student? I thought these were pretty awesome, so I bought three four (one is not pictured, I realized this upon writing this blog entry.)

1. Cupcake Surprise
2. Outdoor Adventures
3. My School Trip
4. The New Puppy (not pictured, I forgot to take it out of my binder)
5. Sammy the Seal
6. Morris the Moose
7. Drip Drop

Do you see Sydney’s super cool bookmark? Her Aunt Holly got it for her. It even has “Sydney” stamped across the front of it. I love the googly eyes. I really like the idea of having unique bookmarks that have the kid’s name on them. I might have to order/make more!

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  1. Thank you for posting this! I have been trying to find books that would be good for Melia to continue her reading, but all of the books are so different between their level ones! It is ridiculous so again THANK YOU! This helps a ton

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