Sydney’s Fifth Birthday Parties

My kids have the best daddy ever. He always takes their birthdays off. We started the day with yummy breakfast, and Sydney was so sweet and let her sister help her open her present.


It was a My Little Pony shirt, you’re shocked, aren’t you?


Sydney and I went to the mall and bought Jordan a pony shirt as well. When we got into the store I told the man what I was looking for, and he took me over to them and tried to convince me to buy the one that said Bronies. Nope. I said I’d take the Pinkie Pie one and Sydney tells me, “Um, Mama? It’s Fluttershy!” (And she said it in her “duh” voice.) The salesman looked over at the shirt and goes, “Whoa! It is, Fluttershy!”

Yup, outsmarted by a five-year-old.


Tia made the cake, of course, Rainbow Dash. We had a big bash on her birthday with friends.


Yup, even I joined the Pony shirts. Zachary luckily escaped it 😉

A week later we had the family birthday party. Jordan’s sisters were all home by then, so they were able to go her party. There was lots of excitement on both sides :)


Do you see a theme going with her presents?


And they bought Jordan a pony belt. I don’t think he was excited at all. Do you?


Despite all the My Little Ponies, Sydney received her favorite gift from her Grandma Sherman. PINK ear plugs. No joke, the kid wanted ear plugs, pink ones. Her grandma wears them to help her sleep, and Sydney requested some for her birthday. When she opened it she literally said, “It’s what I needed!” It’s been pretty funny to watch her with these ear plugs.


Great-Grandma and Grandpa Smith got her her favorite My Little Pony, Princess Celestia. She LOVES this ones!!


Yes, she did receive a few non-pony related gifts. This wonderful IKEA smock, which will be used during school when we do art projects. And her Aunt Roo bought her some really cool pink hair extensions.

Happy birthday, Sydney! (And Jordan!)

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  1. Of course that is Fluttershy, gosh Mom!! Rachel cannot grasp that Rainbow Dash is a girl. She will always be a boy to her, I think.

    Also, when are we going to see a picture of this mysterious BFF, Tia? She’s in so many posts, but never pictured!

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