Still Here

Despite my lack of posts, we are still here and still homeschooling.

Just very tired.

But we’ll talk about Zachary later 😉

In the last three weeks we’ve had 3 packs; Circus, Ballerinas, and Princesses.

Circus was another fun week where we talked about the fun things that we’d see at the circus, we had a tall/small sorting, which Sydney loved.

Ballerina week was interesting. I was reading a book called I Wear My Tutu Everywhere and it was talking about the dance moves that this little girl was doing, and I couldn’t read any of these words (as they were in French) and Sydney would look at the picture, listen to my butchering of the French language and tell me what the dance move is called. Glad she’s learning something in her Ballet/Tap class!!

Princess week was also fun! Sydney loved reading the princess stories, and I really enjoyedThe Paper Bag Princess. I loved the ending (“And they didn’t get married. The End.”)

On our last day of school this week I gave Audrey a magnet page and the magnets, she LOVED getting to do school just like her big sister. She even insisted one erasing the white board when we were done, a job that is normally Sydney’s.


And lastly, we had a new student this week! Baby Zachary sat in his bumbo and watched us do school. He even learned something! He learned to coo!! We were working on our reading lessons and all of a sudden he is cooing and smiling at us. We took a brief break to take pictures and make funny faces at him. :)DSC_3227

Two more weeks of school!

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  1. G & G Smith says:

    Glad you’re still here! Sorry you’re tired! The pictures are great and you are doing a great job! Love G & G

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