Outer Space!

This week our theme was on Outer Space.

Sydney loved the words associated with space (alien, moon, star, rocket ship, etc) and enjoyed learning a little about space.

My husband teased me about telling her that Pluto is a planet. I reminded him that 1) I honestly don’t care if Pluto was re categorized as a “dwarf planet” and 2) the books we read were pre-dwarf-planet. But in our There’s No Place Like Space! book they didn’t include Pluto!

Poor Pluto. :(

We also did a few exercises in following instructions.

The first was building a rocket ship. Since the point of these following activities is following directions, and not cutting things out (which she becomes frustrated with) I cut out all the pieces. She was shown a picture of what the rocket ship is suppose to look like, and then had to build it herself.


And then the next part was called Read and Do, so there were words on the page, and she was read them and then paste the corresponding picture on it. The words were moon, earth, rocket, and star (x7.) She LOVED this activity. I didn’t get a picture though. :(

She finished off set 3 of Bob Books last week, and she flew through the first two books of set 4. She has to read the book to Jordan in order to pass it off, and she usually stalls, gets distracted and it usually takes two different days to get through the book, because will take her an hour. Daddy is too distracting, I guess 😉 But she flew right through the second book with no issues, so yey!! We are trying to build her confidence in reading right now. We’ve had to become mean parents and not nod our heads or tell her she got the word correct. We only correct when she didn’t get it and ask her to try again. And then we lay the compliments on really thick at the end of the page. And give high fives on hard words or new words. It seems to be helping!

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  1. G & G Smith says:

    Grandpa wants to know if those are the same jellybeans we last saw in a picture? I told him I was sure they weren’t!

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