March Madness

Here are the pictures from this month, and a little bit about our month of March.
Audrey was laying off the couch and leaning onto the coffee table while playing with Jordan’s keyboard and mouse. She kept me very entertained that day!!Which is good, because a few days later, she did NOT entertain me. That particular morning started with her telling me, “Mama’s wa-wa, all gone!” and then she THREW my glass on the floor. Shattering it. I cleaned it up. And then she pulled on the table cloth, and poured Sydney’s cereal all over the place. So I cleaned that mess up. And then I spilled an entire Jamba Juice all over my car without getting to drink any of it. There were tears. I didn’t even have anything to clean it up with, and had to wait until an hour later when dance class was over. Seriously. Ew. It was nap time.

And now on to happier things!


I apologize for the icky tummy picture, but Audrey insisted on playing doctor and apparently my belly cannot be under my shirt if she wants to listen to it’s heartbeat.


Sydney also joined in on this fun, but was okay with my shirt being down. And she had her Care Bear in her shirt, she loves to pretend she’s having a baby.


Audrey is obsessed with the harmonica. She thinks it’s the coolest thing ever.

And lastly, Audrey makes a mess eating tomato soup, Jordan joked that she looked like a vampire, who had just killed somebody. It was adorable, because she’s a 21 month old 😉


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  1. Your bare belly makes me happy. And so do Audrey’s pigtails!!

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