Whiskey Creek

Every summer from the time that I was 5 until I was 11 I went to Whiskey Creek.
I use to think the five hour trip was long and boring. Until I went to Utah.
This year I was excited that we got to join my family for a vacation in Whiskey Creek (which is just outside of Port Angeles, you can see Canada from the cabins.)
Unfortunately, I didn’t get a big group picture, but before we left I remembered to get a picture of us four by our cabin.The cabins have no electricity, so you have to use wood stoves, luckily they have running water, and the stove is run on propane, and there are fridges.

Audrey and Sydney loved to play in the ocean with Jordan. I am not crazy enough to go run into it, so Jordan did that with them.

Audrey also loved to play with all the rocks, and move them from one side of her to the other.

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Sydney would run away from the waves, and then splash in them. She also loved that she got a Princess sleeping bag!

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We went to the Olympic Gaming Farm, which was a lot of fun. You got to feed the animals as you went through. Jordan was super worried that the girls wouldn’t be able to see anything so they sat up front with us. See that llama? He stuck his head all the way in our van!!

It also shows my children’s feelings about petting zoos.

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Audrey also enjoyed eating OLIVES. And what are olives without olive fingers?

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The Proper Way to Eat Olives by Audrey Sherman
1. First eat thumb’s olive
2. Second, eat the pointer finger’s olive
2. Then shove middle, ring and pinky into your mouth all at the same time and eat them all!


And last but, not least, BATH TIME at Whiskey Creek!


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