Happy Birthday {Party}, Audrey!

Today was my baby’s 1st birthday party.
As, as per tradition, we had her 1st birthday party at Izzy’s Pizza.Unlike tradition, we did not have her birthday party on her actual birthday, due to Jordan’s cousin getting married on Audrey’s birthday, and my mother being out of town the the week of Audrey’s birthday for training for a new job.

So on June 18th we celebrated the birthday of our tiny baby girl! :)

Jordan’s dad always makes such creative cakes for birthdays, and it’s one of their traditions to have a shaped cake for the first birthday. Audrey, of course, got a bunny! :)
My friend, Tia, is starting a cake making business, and asked if she could make Audrey a cake, I told her that my father-in-law was making the cake for Audrey, but that she could make the sheet cake. She is seriously talented!

Audrey got a lot of pretty clothes! But this one stuck out to me. When I was about 7 I had a dress that was similar. It was my FAVORITE dress. And I wore it with my white Saltwater Sandals. For the past 2 years I’ve seen it (in various colors) in stores, but it was always too small for Sydney. But my Nana saw it, and bought it for Audrey! I was so excited, and Tia, who had listened to me gush about this dress, laughed when I pulled it out of the bag.

The most amusing part of the party was Sydney, Taylor (Tia’s son) and my “nephew” Evan smacking each other with balloons.

Audrey, of course, did not smash into her cake, but opened her mouth asking for it to be placed inside. Silly girls!


I can’t believe she’s almost 1! :)

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