Audrey Thyme Sherman | Birth Story

This is going to be a LONG post, just a forewarning!

As many of you know, I really wanted to go for a VBAC with my second child. I wasn’t keen on surgery again. Unfortunately, I never went into labor. I had the option of being induced or having a repeat c-section, I choose the second option having had a miserable induction last time, I asked my doctor to schedule it for the last possible date she felt comfortable with, which was 16 days past my due date. (I was due on a Sunday, and they don’t like scheduling c-sections or inductions on Sundays.)

So June 22nd came and Jordan and I had to be at the hospital at 5:30 am. Did you know the sun is up at 5 am?! I didn’t. I got to the hospital and we got all checked in. Then there was lots of waiting; luckily there were things to do to keep me busy.


Then I got to walk myself to the OR, and sit down on the bed so they could give me a spinal block. The nurse I had was great, and it’s a good thing too, because apparently I have a pretty damaged lower back. The spinal block has a much smaller needle than an epidural, and every time they poked me with it the needle would bend because there was too much damage. Well having needles bend in your back in EXTREMELY painful. I seriously thought I was going to throw up or pee, I was so scared. My nurse was great at keeping me calm and relaxed. They decided to go farther up my back and use an epidural needle, as it’s bigger and could get through that spinal tissue. Not only did that work, but I also didn’t feel it when they poked me. This took about 60 minutes, and my poor Jordan wasn’t allowed in the room during it, the staff inside the room told me how my husband was outside the room interrogating everyone who walked in or out of the room. Jordan says he was really close to telling them off and walking in anyway.


So finally, at 8 am, they let my Jordan in and he got to sit next to my head as they did the surgery. He got to also look over the curtain, and he happened to look up right as they cut into my uterus and the water gushed everywhere. Well, he jumped and went, “OH MY GOSH!” Causing me to become annoyed and telling him to sit down.

And at 8:08 am, I felt all the pressure in my belly and by my ribs being relieved as my baby was pulled out. My beautiful baby girl! They brought her around so I could see her before they started cleaning her off. Jordan left my head at this point so that he could take pictures. I could kind of see them from where I was laying. She was 7lbs 3oz, 19.25 inches long.

I seriously started crying, and when Jordan got back he thought something was wrong and kept telling me that she was perfect, and beautiful, and that there was nothing wrong with her. Took him a moment to realize I wasn’t crying because I was upset.IMG_1689

After she pinked up they let Jordan hold her, and since my arms were not strapped down this time I got to touch her and talk to her.


We got back to the recovery room at 9, and then went from there to my hospital room, where my mom was waiting for us, and she took pictures of the baby’s first bath.

Everything was going great, and we thought we’d get to go home on Thursday, June 24th. They did all the tests and did the final weight check and realized she had gone from 7lbs 3oz to 6lbs 8oz, which meant she had lost 9% of her body weight! 10% is where they get really worried, so they wanted to make sure she didn’t get there. So we had to start supplementing with formula, and I had to start pumping. They did a weight check 12 hours after they discovered her weight loss, and she had gone to 6lbs 10oz, which they assured me was great, as they weren’t expecting her to gain weight, they were hoping she just hadn’t lost anymore. The next morning they did another weight check and she was at 6lbs 13oz! So we got to be released on Friday morning.

Audrey Thyme Sherman is the sweetest baby, she loves to be held, she eats well (now) and sleeps great. She even sleeps through Sydney’s screams and cries. We are so glad that she is part of our family. And today we took her in for a weight check and she is at 6lbs 15oz.

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  1. cute cute cute little. Glad you had a good nurse! So fun seeing you on Sunday!

  2. Congrats guys!! She is super cute.:D

  3. Thanks for sharing your story! What a sweet little girl and darling family!


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