While I Wait…


So here I am, two days before my guess date with my Quincy Nox.

This part of pregnancy is always really hard on me since I was pregnant with Audrey. It was especially hard with Zachary.

Being a VBA2C mama, I always tend to think, “If I’d just had a scheduled c-section I’d have a 5 day old baby right now.” This was especially true with Zachary, when he was 21 days late.

There is nothing wrong with deciding to have a repeat c-section instead of a VBAC, that’s not what this post is about.

But mentally I’m pretty exhausted with this whole pregnant thing. I’m jealous of those who don’t have to hit their due date. I’m jealous of all the sweet mama’s hold their newborns that I see on my Facebook feed. So I decided to come up with a list of why it’s betterΒ for me to wait this out.

  1. I really like my provider this time. She’s a naturopath doctor, and she’s really amazing. In order to get this baby out right now I’d have to switch providers, and I really don’t want to do that.
  2. Yup, I wake up to pee every few hours in the middle of the night. Making sound effects as I roll out of bed. And then I’m thirsty, so I go downstairs and drink water. You know, so I can pee again in a few hours. And while this cycle sucks. At least I am capable of getting out of the bed without being in intense pain from a c-section incision.
  3. Ruby wants to be held often. I can still (kind of) easily hold her. This absolutely wouldn’t be possible if I was recovering from a c-section.
  4. Zachary and Ruby’s skin? Pretty much perfect with no signs of eczema. I contribute this to a vaginal birth, delayed first bath, and breastfeeding. All things I wasn’t able to do for my c-section babies.
  5. It’s allergy season and I can sneeze without feeling like I’m going to die.
  6. I can also cry when hormones get the better of me.
  7. Quincy isn’t here because he’s not ready. Plain and simple. When Zachary was born we realized that if I’d had a repeat c-section like my OB recommended, he would have been born 4 weeks earlier. Zachary was born at 43 weeks weighing 7lbs 9oz. He would not have done well being born the month before.
  8. Despite my jealousy, I am really very thankful for my body. It has safely and successfully grown 5 people. FIVE. It protects them, it nourishes them, and it keeps them in there FOREVER. I am blessed with weeks. Which is much better than the alternative.
  9. Relearning how to pee is seriously stressful. And panic inducing. And just flat out sucks.
  10. Major abdominal surgery is just not for me. I don’t do well with it. My babies don’t do well with it. So I am grateful for those amazing midwives in 2012 who took a chance on me and allowed me to let my body do what it knew how to do. And I am beyond grateful that I have the option and ability to VBA2C, successfully and safely.
  11. I’m just now starting to regain some of the feeling in my c-section scar. It no longer has phantom pains or itches. It is finally starting to lose the pins and needles feeling if I poke it. I don’t want to start that process all over again if it’s not a medical emergency πŸ˜‰

Good things come to those who wait. Quincy’s gonna be great. I’m not a patient person, but somehow I’m pretty good at waiting for people to show up like they say they will. So, baby Q, I’m waiting for you!

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Ten Favorites on Thursday | Mama Must Haves

I LOVE lists! Not that I’m great at sticking to them, but I do love to make lists.

So here’s your top 10 lists of mama must haves after a baby is born. Now, I’m talking like RIGHT after the baby is born, within the first two weeks. Most of these will not get a long in-depth explanation because I think we can all use our imaginations and figure out how awesome they are.

1.Β Motherlove Sitz Bath Spray

Sitz Spray

This spray is awesome for all the owies post birth. I usually make sure to have a bottle in my purse in case we aren’t at home and I don’t have my peri bottle.

2.Tucks Witch Hazel Pads

Witch Haze

Much better than toilet paper.

3. Earth Mama Angel Baby Nipple Butter

Nipple Butter

Just guess. πŸ˜‰

4. Cramp Bark

Cramp Bark

Having had 4 babies I now know that after pains are a real thing, and they are extremely painful. I’m not huge on pain medication, I think it’s important to feel pain it keeps you from doing too much too soon while you’re healing. I also don’t like taking pain medication when I feel pretty good, but have a couple of minutes of pain every few hours. So cramp bark tinctures are awesome. Make sure you buy some orange juice to chase it down with, it’s nasty tasting!

5. Bamboobies Nursing Pads


They are heart shaped. What could be better? Also, I prefer reuseable, because I like to be a hermit the first few weeks after baby is born.

6. Nursing tanks


Takes away the hassle of figuring out a nursing bra and a shirt.

7. Bathrobe


For when people visit.

8. A good TV show to binge watch


Netflix is my best friend. Sydney and I binge watched Gilmore Girls and Veronica Mars during our middle of the night feedings. Audrey and I watched Grey’s Anatomy. Zachary and I were enjoying Bones. Ruby and I really into Gossip Girl. I just found out that Roseann is on Netflix, so Quincy and I will be enjoying that.

9. Belly Bandit

Belly Bandit

Definitely helped any separation of my abdominal muscles post Ruby. I’ll be using one again after Quincy.

10. Motherlove Thrush Relief


I seem to have a problem with yeast, despite never personally having any problems. But my babies get it and we exchange it back and forth. It’s fun. Motherlove Thrush works GREAT. It also doesn’t dry you out.

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28 Week | Baby Q


A friend asked me to do more pregnancy updates on the blog. So here you go.

Baby Quincy is now 28 weeks along. We’ve now hit the THIRD trimester! Yey!

For the most part this pregnancy has been rather uneventful, symptom wise.

But at 23 weeks I went in for my anatomy scan, and it was just about the weirdest ultrasound I’ve ever had.

It started with the doctor saying, “You’re here for a 20 week scan?” Yes. “You’re TWENTY weeks?” No, I’m 23 weeks. “Oh, wow, you’re really small!” Thanks?

Then he was getting everything set up and he goes, “Wait, have you had a c-section?” Yup, two of them. “You’ve had TWO of them?!” (Puts his face inches from my c-section incision) “Wow, you’ve got great skin! You healed really well.” Again, thanks? Please get away from my incision and focus on my belly.

Anyhow, Quincy measured right where he should, and his head measured 4 days bigger than his body. So another big brained baby is in my future. He’s still a boy, and he has all his vital organs and they look amazing. And then I got asked the weirdest question ever.

“Have you ever been told you have a short cervix?”

Um, no. What does that mean?

“Well, it could be indicative of preterm labor. If you make it the third trimester you should have it rechecked.”

Um, IF?! I had 5 weeks left. Are you telling me I’m going to have a micro premie in the next five weeks?!

Wonderful. Anyway, talked to my midwife, looked up the info from all previous ultrasounds, and we’ve come to the conclusion that I’m probably just fine. With Ruby I was short and dilating at 36 weeks and still went another 4 weeks. So, Baby Q, you’d better stay in there for another 8 weeks minimum.

Anyhow, here are some stats for you:

Total weight gain? 10 lbs. Which made WIC really unhappy. Apparently I need to up my calorie intake so I fit into the grey area of their chart. Not happening!

Maternity clothes? Yes, I’ve been wearing the shirts for a while. But I finally gave in and started wearing the pants.

Stretch marks?Β Nothing new. I haven’t had any new ones since Audrey.

Sleep? Thanks to my Cal/Mag supplement GREAT. I’m still exhausted though.

Best moment this week? Making it to the third trimester! Seriously, such a relief!

Miss anything? Breathing normally.

Movement? He’s finally starting to move a lot! Jordan even got to feel him! He’s still not super crazy like several of my babies, but he wiggles.

Food cravings? Poptarts, Circus cookies, Rainbow goldfish. Basically every 2 year old’s dream food.

Anything making you feel sick or queasy? Nope.

Showing? Yup.

Gender? Boy!

Labor signs?Β None.

Symptoms?Β Heartburn. Burning all the hair off my baby.

Belly button in or out?Β In. When I had my endometrosis surgery in 2014 they glued my belly button back together very nicely. So it’s way cuter than it was after my first three babies. That was very kind of Dr. C πŸ˜‰

Wedding ring on or off?Β On.

Happy or moody most of the time? Happy, just tired from severe anemia.

Looking forward to: Starting Q’s blanket!

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One Year Old! | Ruby Lyndis

First birthdays are hard on me. I can’t believe how quickly it flies by! The days are so long sometimes, but the years are so short!


Anyhow, Miss Ruby is now ONE.

This year I gave a hair flip to tradition and decided to have a birthday party at our house instead of going to Izzy’s Pizza. Because I just didn’t feel like it. Her party was also the day AFTER her birthday. Ooooo.

And you know what? It was awesome.

Ruby got to run around our living room being held by various family members, she got to take her time with her cake and really enjoy it. She got to sit on the floor with me and open her presents. Or rather, sit in the boxes, because kids and cats are pretty alike when they are one.


I seriously cannot believe that the first year is already over.

In the last month she’s really started to walk everywhere.

She finally started to sleep in her OWN bed. Bittersweet.

When we tell Ruby “no” she smiles and waves at us. Then tries to do it anyway.

She is a HUGE fan of bathtime.

Whenever you pick her up she rests her head on your shoulder. And if you aren’t moving she will start to kick you.

She says uh-oh, loves food of all kinds.

Refuses to give up the bottle yet. Whatever.

Loves her pacifier but if she can’t find it she will suck on her thumb.

At 1 year she weighs 17lbs 4oz, and 29.5 inches long. Petite and perfect. She has four teeth.


Happy birthday, sweet Ruby Roo! We love you so much, and are so happy you are part of our family!!

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Five Favorites on Friday | Newborn Baby

So I’ve made it my personal goal to write more on my blog. Not just the monthly updates about Ruby but really work towards making this blog our family’s history.

So naturally, I’m writing a post about five of my favorite new baby things. Because what goes on in my life more than babies? This also will serve as a remember in case I forget what my favorite things are. Mama brain is a REAL thing!

So here’s a list of FIVE of my favorite things for new babies! This post contains affiliate links, but all opinions are my own and I bought all these products myself.

  1. Lil Joey Cloth Diapers

These diapers are my favorites for itty bitty newborns. My babies have all been 7lbs and we cloth diapered Zachary and Ruby from the start. For both of them the first diaper on the bum was a Lil Joey. They fit great, we didn’t have any problems with leaks, and I love their snap down for the umbilical stump. My husband is really awesome and changes the diapers for the first two weeks, these also get the hubby’s thumbs up for ease. I bought a new diaper just for baby Quincy, and guess what? It’s nautical! (Which is truly why I bought it.)


2. Earth Mama Angel Baby Bottom Balm

Yeah, try saying that 3 times fast! I absolutely love Earth Mama Angel Baby products, and their bottom balm is no exception. When my newborns are first born we try to keep their bum moist so that the horrible meconium poop doesn’t stick to them. It makes diaper changes much easier! I also use this product on older babies when they get diaper rashes and it works great.


3. A carrier

I’ve tried a few different carriers over the years. The first one I tried was a Baby Bjorn but it definitely was not meant for someone of my height and it was horribly uncomfortable. I’ve also tried a Moby which I liked for around the house but all the tying was not fun while trying to make sure my 4 year old and 2 year old didn’t escape πŸ˜‰

Which led me to the Ergo, I’m a big fan! And last year for my birthday Jordan told me to get another carrier for the house, while I love the Ergo it’s not great for sitting. Ruby always wanted to be close to me and I needed something I could sit in while teaching homeschool lessons. Enter Baby Hawk! It’s a soft structured carrier like my Ergo, but it ties like the Moby, which makes it so, so, so awesome and very comfortable. Ruby spent a lot of time in it while I’d made dinner or teach lessons.


4. CJ’s Spritz

Okay, so maybe it’s time to admit that I’m really picky. Or I have a weird thing with scents. I really don’t like unscented wipes. They just…don’t smell clean. But a lot of the smells of scented wipes give me a headache and give my babies a rash. With Audrey we had to use cloth wipes because whatever is in mainstream wipes would make her rash worse. So I’d use water and just a little bit of CJ’s Spritz in a squirt bottle to clean her up. We do the same thing now, except that we just squirt our wipes. This makes the wipe a little wetter, which is useful, and it makes it smell so good! CJ’s has so many yummy scents, my favorites being Sweet Orange and My Pixie Pie.

spritz_so__75319.1431382948.500.7505. WubbaNub Infant Pacifier

I saved my favorite for last. Because without these I don’t know what I’d do! I’ve breast fed the last 3 babies with ranging success (2 weeks-10 months. It’s a range!) But around day 3 I need something to help them sleep that isn’t my boob. These pacifiers are the BEST. I swaddle up my baby and pop the pacifier in their mouth after they’ve fallen asleep and I’ve unlatched them. The little stuffed animal makes it so easy to find in the dark, and it also holds just enough weight that if they stop sucking it will hold it in place for them. They come with a Soothie pacifier attached, but I’m now seeing that you can buy one that you can attach to any pacifier. I think Quincy might need one πŸ˜‰


And here’s my Ruby modeling how we swaddle and pacifier the baby. With Audrey snuggling her, because that’s a big part of being the baby! Lots of snuggles.


Next week I’ll share my favorite products FOR MAMA.

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Hello, 2016!

Well, it’s time for a new year, which means it’s time to review last year’s goals.

And laugh.

I mean, see how well I did. And create some new ones for 2016!

My goals for 2015 were:

(Actually I made 12, but lost my list, so here are the ones I had on the blog.)

-Finish Ruby’s baby quilt. CHECK!

-Finish Audrey’s big girl quilt. CHECK!

-Have a baby girl named Ruby in February. Kind of check? I had a baby girl named Ruby…in January! SURPRISE.

-Graduate with my AA from Portland Community College. CHECK!

-Start my bachelors degree at Washington State University. CHECK.

-Buy a house by November. Kind of check? We bought a house, in December!

-Sell enough Jamberry nail wraps to take my family to Disneyland.

Yup, insert the laughter. ‘Cause that didn’t come anywhere close to happening! Oh, well! Disneyland will be a great place for them to go later in life…like their honeymoon.

-Post more on the blog. I don’t think this really happened. So better luck next year!

Looking back, I did pretty well. Granted my goals were things I pretty much planned to do anyway, so that might be why it worked out for me. But I really liked that. Goals that one can actually accomplish.

So my goals for 2016…

-Make a blanket for Quincy

-Finish Zachary’s twin sized quilt

-Unpack the house

-Donate a ton of our stuff. Because we have TOO MUCH STUFF.

-Convert our homeschool schedule to year round and 4 days a week.

-Have Quincy in May.

-Start saving money for our 10 year wedding anniversary which is in two years!

-Finish my ABC cross stitching

-Take the kids to Mt. Hood next December

There we go, 9 goals for 2016! Let’s rock this! <3

2015 was definitely a good time for our family. We had a few really crappy years there, and 2015 really made up for it. We started off with the birth of Ruby, we are blessed to be expecting a baby boy, we bought a house that is WAY better than we ever thought we’d be able to find, Zachary potty trained, Sydney was baptized, Audrey didn’t have any ear infections, surgeries, or ER trips. We traveled to Idaho, saw family from Utah and Germany. It’s been an amazing year and we are looking forward to what’s in store for us this year!

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11 Months | Ruby Lyndis


Well, this is the last month of Ruby’s first year.

And it’s very sad to me to think that she’s almost a year!!

She is very independent in most things.

This month we moved! We bought a house in Battle Ground, and Ruby is loving crawling up the stairs. In this house she has her own room (it’s a half room), it took a couple of nights to get her to sleep in it, but it finally happened.

She loves to say “ooooo” to just about everything.

When she doesn’t like something she does what we call the “devil banshee scream.” The name is pretty self explanatory.

She’s figured out how to hold her bottle while sitting up.

When she is really hungry and you are shaking the bottle she will spit out her pacifier and throw it across the room.

She also throws the pacifier when she isn’t ready for sleeping and she thinks you’re going to make her go to sleep.

Throws the bottle when it’s empty or doesn’t want it anymore. Apparently she likes to throw.

Just discovered books!

Loves to give mama kisses.

My first child to not be afraid of the vacuum

Wasn’t afraid of Santa. Wasn’t particularly fond of him, but no tears.

Loves to pull things out of drawers.

Starting to climb more every day.

Starting to gain more confidence with walking.

Finally got two more teeth on December 26th, 2015.

I can’t believe that next month she’s going to be ONE. This little girl has brought so much joy and laughter into our lives over the past 11 months.

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Once upon a time I use to photoshop every single picture I posted. I’d swap out faces, fix flaws, and crop out what I didn’t like in order to have the “perfect” picture every single time.

And now I’m finding joy in the pictures that aren’t perfect. The faces that are silly. This is life. There are no edits, no do overs.

It’s messy, it’s imperfect. And it’s beautiful.

I hope everyone had a great Christmas. Enjoy the pictures.



This Christmas was a bit different than years previous. We moved into our new house on December 22nd. It was a crazy exhausting day, but before Jordan and I went to bed that night we set up the Christmas tree. The next day the kids decorated it a little bit, I think we had like 10% of our normal Christmas ornaments on the tree. No tree topper. No ribbon. The rest of the house was sparsely decorated. Unless you count boxes and random stuff everywhere “decorated” πŸ˜‰ No Santa plate. No cookies. Not even milk, because we didn’t have a refrigeration yet. That’s okay though, Santa doesn’t care. Our Elf on the Shelf only came twice this year, his job was easy! Our Christmas countdown started at “2 Days Until Christmas!” Stockings weren’t hung, they lay on the coffee table. My Christmas cards were late.

But in it’s simplicity it was wonderful. The kids still enjoyed themselves, loved their presents, and had way too much candy. Sydney and Audrey slept on the couch, read a few Christmas books. In years past we’ve let them watch Christmas movies until they passed out but our computer wasn’t hooked up to the TV yet, so that didn’t happen either. Zachary was booted for being a pest within an hour and slept in his bedroom. On the floor, because his bed wasn’t put together yet. Ruby slept in her pack and play in her room. Regardless of all of our “not normal” things it was enjoyable and it was memorable.

The girls tried to wake us up at 3 am, and were sent back to sleep.

I made all four kids their own pair of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles pajama pants. And they each got a shirt that was one of the turtles “colors.”

DSC_7586 Front

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10 Months! | Ruby Lyndis

This is another month in which we are going to pretend that I’m on it πŸ˜‰

This month has been very exhausting! We are in the process of buying a house, and really I feel like that is a full time job! I’ve pretty much sworn that I’m never doing it again.

Anyhow, my baby is really cute.


This last month introduced us to a few new things with Miss Ruby.

Ruby celebrated her first Halloween, and her first costume was a representation of the Gryffindor house at Hogwarts. She makes mama proud πŸ˜‰

She also celebrated her first Thanksgiving, she enjoyed eating all the yummy foods! Mashed potatoes, yams, and rolls were her favorites.

She started letting go of furniture and leaning with her bum against the couch. Eventually this turned into her “trying” to walk, which was basically her belly flopping onto the floor and becoming very irritated.

She hates pants!

She figured out how to climb up the stairs.

She has taken a few steps unassisted, if she’s properly motivated.

No new teeth yet, but it looks like we are working on those top teeth.

She has figured out how to pull on her hair bows. Which means she usually snaps herself in the face.

I’ve convinced Jordan to keep her bows on during church. The compromise is that she won’t wear one the other days of the week, or the rest of the day on Sunday. Only during church. This deal does have the clause about monthly photos being taken.

She doesn’t try to suck her thumb anymore. She’s purely a binkie baby.

When she gets angry about being put in her crib she throws her binkie or bottle out of the crib. Then screams because she actually wanted those.

She’s FINALLY settled down into something that resembles a routine. She is usually awake at 8 am, eats, then plays until about 11 in which it is time for a short 30-60 minute nap. Eat around 1, play, sleep at 3 until about 5, play until 8. Bedtime seems to be either 8 or 10 depending on her mood. Occasionally she will fall asleep on her own, but on the days where she can’t I’m enjoy the snuggles.She claps about everything. If something makes a big noise she says, “Ooooo.” She waves, in the sense that she sticks her hand out. No actual movement yet, so we joke that she’s saying, “Goodbye, peasants! Your queen is leaving now.”Oh, and guess what? Ruby’s going to be a BIG SISTER in May! <3DSC_7519

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Halloween 2015

When your mom has had a Harry Potter addiction for the past 14 years (which is more than half her life, let’s be honest here) it’s only natural that at one point in your life you’ll have to dress up as Harry Potter characters to please her.

2015 was that year.

Why did I wait so long? (Several of my friends have expressed confusion that I waited until now.)

Well, I currently have four beautiful children, and there are four Hogwarts houses. (Also, spell check didn’t try to tell me that Hogwarts isn’t a word. I can die happy now.)


Now, while I am completely obsessed, I am really careful with my children and what I let be put into their minds. We don’t do scary, and the Harry Potter books can get scary for some children, and the later books get darker and IMO too dark for my small kiddos. So, I make them wait until they are eight years old to read the first three books. The rest are undecided on what ages they are appropriate.

So, only Sydney has read any of the books. She’s the only one who understood it. The rest of them just went along with it to please me πŸ˜‰ They’re awesome!

Sydney is my intelligent, reader who thinks long and hard on everything. So clearly she’s Ravenclaw. Audrey is loyal, true, and the sweetest little girl I know. She’s also a particularly good finder (in case you’ve seen A Very Potter Musical, haha) so she’s the perfect Hufflepuff. Zachary is a stinker, so he’s Slytherin πŸ˜‰ And Ruby is brave to join our family (okay…so I already had a Gryffindor diaper, so she automatically got Gryffindor.)


This year we saw the grandparents, and got soaking wet getting back to the car, so we decided against going to our yearly Trunk or Treat, since it was pouring buckets. No thanks! Instead we went to my mom’s house and my sister did my make up. Which made up for my lack of a costume.


This year we only carved FOUR pumpkins, despite having six ready for us. Jordan’s rotted quickly so it got tossed. And after carving theirs I just didn’t feel like carving another, so just the four this year. Next year we might just paint them, because this is the reality.



Okay, so actually the kids were not too bad this year. Audrey did scoop out a lot of her pumpkin, and Sydney gave it a good effort (her pumpkin had extremely an extremely tough shell, it was difficult for Jordan and I), and Zachary was a stinker.


In the beginning Zachary ran off after blowing raspberries at us.

In the middle Audrey got bored and Sydney got frustrated.

So in the end, they watched Hocus Pocus. Jordan scooped, I carved, and Ruby ate a snack.

This year our theme was “simple” so the kids either choose a face from Pinterest (and EASY one) or drew their own, and I carved it out. Jordan did Ruby’s sunshine.


That’s a wrap! We had fun, got lots of yummy goodies, and stayed warm and dry tonight while we watched Hotel Transylvania with the kiddos, pausing it to pass out candy to those brave souls who were trick or treating.

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