Preschool Day by Day | Day 4

Did you think I forgot about this challenge?

Well, I didn’t :)

Last Thursday (1/15) we went to a play group that was at the same time as school, and then we had lunch, nap and did chores until it was time to go to my grandparent’s house to celebrate my grandpa’s birthday. In other words; school didn’t happen.

Which was fine, because we can make it up on Friday, right? Unless Sydney wakes up throwing up and you spend the day tending to a sick child. And then school doesn’t happen again.

That’s okay, we’ll make it up on Monday.

Unless it’s a holiday in which your husband is home and you have maternity pictures, decide to have a family swim day and then take Audrey to gymnastics.

So TODAY (Tuesday) is the first day we’ve had school in almost a week. Time for some serious catch-up! No worries though, seriously. We’ve got this.

First things first, finish up our N packet. We did this by starting with our magnet page. This is one of my kid’s favorite activities, they have a ton of fun with this one.


Following this we did some tracing practice. I tried to do formal handwriting practice with Audrey during preschool and it was AWFUL. Poor thing was so frustrated and it often resulted in tears. So we nixed that and we just do a handwriting tracing page once a week, it goes much smoother and Audrey loves it. Most of it is shapes and different lines, with only two letters, but I figure it’s helping her with those fine motor skills required to have nice penmanship later. :)


Next we did a Do A Dot activity, which is another favorite. Audrey loves to play with the markers. In fact she spent about 10 minutes having the markers chase each other around the table in a very exciting battle. I had to remind her to get back on task. When Sydney was in preschool I had to make the rule that it was required that they use each color at least once. Because otherwise we’d have 26 pink only letters. The other colors get jealous. ;)


And lastly we did a cut and paste activity. Audrey cut out a nest and 3 eggs and glued them to the paper. I’m really amazed at her scissor skills and how much she enjoys these projects! She had it all planned out on how she wanted her nest to go.



And with that we finished off the last of the N activities. Thursdays and Fridays are typically our light days, they are kind of built in catch-up days for when we need them. Tomorrow we will have to get done several activities for the letter O to catch completely up, but with preschool this is fairly simple. It’s a little harder in say 2nd grade, just ask Sydney ;)

After she finished up the Letter N, Audrey read a Bob Book. I’ve said it a few times but I’m so grateful when I have good ideas to help my children learn and grow. Taking a step back and working on reading skills that are considered “easy” has been a huge help to Audrey. Next week when we go back to All About Reading I feel like it will go a lot smoother.

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Preschool Day by Day | Day 3

Wednesday was even shorter than normal as this is the day that Sydney has her piano lessons and dance class along with Zachary’s dance class. So basically we live at the dance studio on Wednesdays.

So Audrey gets to tag along and while she complains about how long it takes we remind her that everyone waits for her on gymnastics day.

This post will also be shorter because Audrey requested I put down my camera and pay attention to her. I gladly obliged. :D


Preschool, for me, is just a giant juggling act between easy and difficult (or time consuming) tasks. We always try to pair an easier task with a harder one. Today we sorted our nests by size, Audrey pretty much as this one finished before I get it all the way out of the bag. She’s good at it, and it’s a favorite!


I paired this one with a scissor activity. These usually take a little longer, and Audrey is usually frustrated half way because cutting paper is HARD. Especially since school is pretty much the only time we let the kids use scissors and making them do what you want is hard work. Lately she’s been doing great with the curved lines and is excited to try.

After this picture was taken she requested that I stop taking pictures of her. We continued with out Bob Books review today. Unlike Monday (where we read 3) and Tuesday (where we read 2) today we only read one of the Bob Books, they are getting more difficult and she’s no longer breezing through, rather she’s taking her time and becoming frustrated again. But she’s still making excellent progress and becoming a more confident reader.

One thing we often do with school work is that we make Monday and Tuesday our heavy days. Wednesday is lighter, and Thursday and Friday are short. We do this to make catch-up days easier and to make our weeks less stressful on the days we have things planned. Which is why today’s activities only took about 10 minutes total. :)

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Preschool Day by Day | Day 2

Ready for our Tuesday?


We started off with the lacing activity. This is great for those fine motor skills and hand eye cordination. It’s also good at testing Audrey’s patience. ;)


Letter sorting is probably one of Audrey’s favorite activites each week! She loves sorting through the pile of capital and lower case letters and then putting them where they belong.



I love this cute face of befuddlement when she was looking over her pattern exercise. It was a little trickier this week, but she made it through and figured it out. But initially she wasn’t thrilled with it. Usually the patterns are things like yellow, blue, yellow, blue or yellow, yellow, blue, blue, yellow, etc. This week it was yellow, green, blue, yellow, green blue.


And lastly we read two Bob Books, which she did awesome at! I’m really glad we are taking this week to go over the Bob Books and help build her confidence. The reading part usually takes up the most time as the other activities are short, sweet, and a lot of fun! Rarely are they challenging, which is exactly how I feel preschool should be. The main learning goal of preschool is for them to get use to sitting down at the table and doing work, as well helping them learn to be patient and it helps me to figure out what it’s going to be like next year when I have two kids I’m teaching!

Also, she asked to pose this way. Promise.

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Preschool Day by Day | Day 1

Two years ago I did Mindy at Grateful for Grace‘s 10 Days in the Life of a Homeschooler challenge.

It was a lot of fun, and I’m very impressed that I completed the entire challenge.

I decided that it would be fun to document Audrey’s preschool journey over the next week (5 school days) and post about them each day.

Unlike the 10 Days of Homeschooling, this will not be an account of my entire day, just the preschool part.

Plus, I just got a new lens for my camera and I need something to keep my mind busy while I wait to go into labor.

Today marks DAY ONE. Ready?

10:00 am- This is our official school time. It works best for our family because sometimes the kids (and the mama) sleep in, and this allows for breakfast and morning chores to happen before school starts. It also means that if we aren’t done by lunch time the littles will take a nap, thus ensuring that school will get completed.

Today we got school started at 10, and it’s the start of a new week! We use Confessions of a Homeschooler’s Letter of the Week Curriculum, and this week we are working on the letter N! We started off with our tracing sheet. We use Expo Vis-a-Vis Wet Erase markers to trace the letter. Audrey’s favorite is the red marker, so we have to make sure we always have that handy! The tracing page is just printed out and then laminated.


Next up is the puzzle! Each letter has at least one puzzle that we do on our magnetic cookie sheet. I cut out the puzzle, glued it to cardstock, then laminated it, cut it apart with fun scissors and then added a magnet to the back of each piece. Audrey struggled with these puzzles in the beginning of the school year but now she whips them together in no time! (Notice we lost our hat after the tracing page.)


The last thing we do as part of our Letter of the Week curriculum on Mondays is we do a coloring page. Audrey didn’t seem fond of the coloring page until the last few weeks, she would scribble once or twice and then be done, lately she’s liking it more, and I often ask her if she wants to continue coloring the other days of the week and she’s happy to continue. I’m not a huge fan of coloring either ;)


We’ve been using All About Reading Level 1 to teach Audrey how to read. I absolutely love how this curriculum is set up, the games the sequence and that I have a manual to help me teach ;) Big perk in my opinion. Unfortunately I felt that Audrey was lacking in confidence. As soon as she understood something we moved on, it doesn’t leave a whole lot of time for standing still and being impressed with oneself. This might just be the way I was doing the program, but Audrey needed to understand that reading wasn’t always hard. So I thought long and hard about how to help her and finally decided to have her read Bob Books. This week we are starting with the very FIRST Bob Book from set 1, one which is way below her reading level and one that she has read previously. The reason for this is just to boost her confidence, it’s not suppose to be challenging.

Today she read through Mat in a matter of a few minutes, and she was SO excited and happy! She quickly read through the first 3 books with no problems and she understood what was going on in the books. It was definitely a good move to take this week off in regards to All About Reading. Currently she’s a little over half way through AAR level 1.


Mondays are very easy days when it comes to preschool. The Letter of the Week stuff takes about 10-20 minutes, and the reading lessons another 10-15. Usually we are completely finished in about 30-40 minutes. The reason for this is simple; Mondays are Sydney’s heaviest day, so we alternate who has the most work on which day of the week. Fridays are usually preschool heavy, but elementary school light.

After she is done with preschool Audrey goes off to play with Zachary. During this time Sydney is doing her math worksheet, handwriting exercises or reading a book if she’s finished all her independent work and is waiting on me. So far this is the best method I have found to juggle the education of both my girls. If you aren’t currently working and are waiting for Mama to help you, you aren’t allowed to leave the table you find something else to work on.

Speaking of my table, yes, those are paint stains on it. I call it the mark of budding artists. My poor table gets painted and colored on. But I find that I absolutely love it that way. It’s not being used as a dining room table right now, and I’m loving that our homeschool table shows that it’s been used, loved, and appreciated!

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6 Weeks On, 1 Week off…Why?


There are several questions I get asked as homeschool mama. The most common one is what curriculum I use (I absolutely dread this question, honestly.)

But the second one is in reference to our schedule. We don’t take off Veterans Day, President’s Day, Columbus Day or any other 1 day holiday.


Because honestly it’s a scheduling nightmare for me. Most of our schedules follow a “Week 2 Day 3″ type of schedule, if you take one day off it messes with it. It makes my brain want to explode just thinking about scheduling that way.

So instead we have six straight weeks of school. Then we take off one full week. If we do school during a holiday we talk about the holiday and learn all about it. We also usually have a shorter day so we can be done sooner and enjoy the day as a family (unless Jordan doesn’t have it off…in which case we might just skip the holiday all together.)

Alright, well that’s fine and dandy, but what do you do during that week off?

Confession time: I might look super organized on this blog but I’m only good at being organized once. After the initial organization it just all breaks loose and stuff gets shoved.

Second confession: Sometimes we don’t always finish all our work in those six weeks.

So during break we catch up on any work that we are lagging behind on, and we reorganize the school area!

You know, so we can destroy it again really soon.

There are some subjects that we often fall behind schedule on; science, art, and history “extras.”

Art is honestly one of the hardest ones for me to keep up with. Despite my love of doing art projects with Sydney by the time Friday comes I’m ready for school to be over, and if we moved it to another day we’d run out of time and energy. Strangely towards the end of the school year we have extra amounts of energy and we whip out a bunch of art projects the last month. I’m not sure how that works out, but we go with it.

Since we switched from Apologia to Sonlight I haven’t had any problems staying on schedule. I think Apologia’s schedule they provided was too time intensive, science only being 2 days a week and I wasn’t into making my own schedule for science. We were often playing catch up.

History we stay on schedule, but sometimes I forget about our timeline activities or the books we are suppose to read. Our one week off is the perfect time to put those stickers in the Book of Time and to catch up reading.

How do you do your schedule for homeschool?

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2015 Goals

On New Year’s Eve we were challenged to make TWELVE goals for the year 2015 and which month we’d like to accomplish them by.

Some of my goals I do not have a set month, because for some of them it’s not practical. But here are a FEW of my goals, some of them I want to keep private. :)

In January I would like to finish Audrey and Ruby’s quilts. I started a baby blanket for Ruby that I need to finish and a twin sized quilt for Audrey that also needs to be completed. I want to finish both by the end of January.

In February I want to have a baby girl named Ruby! Sorry to all those who are hoping she will beat Zachary’s record, we are hoping our January due date baby will come in February and NOT March ;)

In June I plan on graduating with my Associates in Arts from Portland Community College!

In August I’d like to start my Bachelor’s Degree at Washington State University.

By November I want us moved into our house that we are currently saving to buy.

In December I am hoping that I’ll have made enough money selling Jamberry Nail Wraps to pay for a trip to Disney Land for our family.

Other goals I have for 2015 include the cliche be more patient, organized and loving when it comes to my children and homeschooling.

Regarding this blog I want to be better at posting, my goal is 4 posts per month. One on homeschooling, one monthly wrap up (I’m working on December’s!), and two misc ones about whatever pops into my head ;)

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December 2014 Wrap Up

I had this all typed up and somehow something happened to it :( So here’s my best attempt at recreating it.


December 2014 was a very busy and eventful month for our family! To begin with we had a month long visitor from Colombia! Angelica was a foreign exchange student that my in-laws hosted in 2006, and we had the pleasure of getting to visit and see her for the entire month! The kids absolutely adored her, I tried to get her to speak Spanish to them for the whole month but she wouldn’t go for it. Apparently the children looked at her funny when she tried.

Jordan was promoted from an assistant state auditor 1 to a 2! This is great news in terms of our family and us buying a house in 2015!

I started MORE projects, go figure right? But I also finished some too! I started a 21″ name sampler for my nephew, Eli, which I completed in December! I also finished off another quarter of college at Portland Community, one step closer to graduating in June 2015! This month I also recreated a 25-year-old picture of my mama being pregnant with me. Ruby’s due date is only 2 days shy of being the same due date my mama had with me.


Sydney had her first dance recital of the season, she preformed in The Grinch. This is her first time being in “the big kid show” which is a full length play! She was in tap as well as ballet this semester and she did amazing during the show, we are so proud of our girl!


Audrey finished off her first All About Reading book, all 124 pages of it! Teaching her to read has been stressful and amazing at the same time. She’s really doing well and loves it when she finds words around her that she knows what they say!

Zachary attempted potty training again this month, and after two weeks we threw in the towel since he wasn’t always getting it. But we put him on the toilet before he takes a bath and he always uses it! I don’t think it will be too much longer before it clicks and he’s done with diapers. Then again, maybe not, he really likes picking out his diapers! I put a bunch of Ruby’s diapers in the drawer and now he insists upon only wearing pink, purple and red diapers. Zachary also had a dance recital this month and he was the only kid in his class to preform, it was absolutely adorable!

Baby Ruby- She still has another 4 weeks until she’s due but we finished off 2014 with getting to have an ultrasound! The point of the ultrasound was to determine where my placenta is in relevance to my previous c-section scars. Good news is that they aren’t anywhere near each other, yey! More good news is that Ruby is head down, face down (no posterior baby this time!!) and she is still a girl! Bad news is she had her hand right next to her face (the better to suck that thumb with), so I’m praying she moves it before she decides to be Earth side.

In December we not only got to see Angelica but ALL of Jordan’s sisters, their husbands (and baby Eli!) were able to come to Washington for Christmas. How amazing is that?! We really enjoyed the time we got to spend with them here. Audrey was very upset about Eli having to leave and cried for several days after. We were talking about dream vacations and Audrey said, “I’d want to go to Utah so I can see baby Eli!”

On the 30th we were going to see live music with Angelica and my mother-in-law, we had just dropped the kids off with Lauren and were almost where we needed to be when we started hearing this weird noise. At first it didn’t sound like it was coming from the van, but after a little bit it because clear that it WAS coming from the van. But the shoulder was super narrow and a terrible place to pull over so we were hoping we’d get to the exit. Only a few seconds passed because it became clear that we had no choice but to pull over, which is when we discovered that my rear tire was completely shredded. Luckily our insurance paid for the tow, and the tire was under warranty. If I had a bucket list of crazy/stupid things I wanted to do before I die then I would officially be able to check “walk down the freeway at 6 pm in the freezing cold weather” off my list. But I don’t have a bucket list. It can just go on the “list of things I hope to never do again.”


Whose ready for 2015?!

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Keeping Dad Informed

I spend HOURS every single week researching curriculum, testing options, and homeschool in general to make sure my kids are on par, not falling behind, and that the curriculum that we are using is truly the best fit for them.

And then I spend 5 days a week, multiple hours a day teaching my darling children using these resources that I’ve spent time and energy researching.

So imagine my disdain when Jordan asks the kids, “What did you learn today?” and they answer with, “Nothing.”

Excuse me?! You learned nothing today? What about the math, history, the book you read, the writing summary you made, the spelling test you aced? The list goes on, I can think of many things you learned today and would be happy to jump in and answer this question!

Unfortunately, the question wasn’t directed towards me. I get an entirely different question, “Are you sure they aren’t behind?”

Now, here’s the part where I admit I have a temper. This question completely irked me. And it wasn’t made better by being asked this question on multiple occasions.

My husband’s question is coming from a place of deep concern and love for his children and their education. He knows how hard I work, but what he doesn’t get to see everyday is how our children are learning. He doesn’t get to witness the moments where things click, he doesn’t grade the worksheets. He just hears that they learned “nothing” today.

But I couldn’t figure out a good way to help him understand what we did. I coached the children on what to say when Daddy came home and asked during dinner how school went. This wasn’t helpful as it was clearly rehearsed and was not showing what they learned.

Going over the worksheets wasn’t really helpful either.

Then one day, I didn’t erase the white board. It had the date, abbreviation and different parts of math and grammar that we had gone over for the day. Somehow Jordan made sense of this crazy white board, and then during dinner he changed his question. Instead of asking Sydney, “What did you learn today?” he asked her, “How many numbers can you have in the ones column before you have to carry over?“and “What is an adjective?”


With these specific questions at hand (based on the white board notes) Sydney would instantly tell him the answer, without me helping her along, without sounding rehearsed and without sounding irritated at being asked to go through her entire school day.

It kept Jordan involved, and it helped give him ideas of what exactly he needed to be asking, which made him feel more confident that we aren’t behind. Oh, and that we truly were accomplishing something during the day.

Now, some days there are no white board notes. Some days we just use the white board to write the date, and that’s it. That’s okay, we don’t always have to talk about school, but it is awesome that we found a way to keep dad in the loop.

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November 2014 Wrap Up

Since I tend to go in spurts of being a good blogger I decided that at the end of each month I would write a post summarizing what we did during the month.

This month wasn’t as particularly as eventful as October was or as December will be.

My mother-in-law challenged all her children and their spouse to a photo challenge. I would love to say that I did amazingly awesome and took something breath taking pictures of the things I’m grateful for.

Ahem, the reality is that I bombed. Really badly.

But I did take this picture that I absolutely love. The theme was “reflection.” So I asked Jordan to stand in front of a mirror with me and make silly faces.


Success! Here’s my November picture.

Jordan had Veteran’s Day off from work, so this is the first year in about 8 years he hasn’t had to listen to my rant about how Veteran’s Day wasn’t a paid holiday. He was really excited both by the holiday and by not having the speech.

My mother-in-law also had the day off, so we all took the kids to lunch before Papa had to go to work. One of the exciting moments was that right before we were going to leave we hear the works ask that every leave, now. I look into the kitchen to see flames and a lot of smoke. Yup, there was a grease fire at Jack in the Box. We got to watch as the place was swarmed by about 5 fire trucks and several other emergency vehicles. It was really exciting! (No one got hurt.)Sydney will be turning 8 in July! In our religion that means that she is old enough to be baptized. So we are spending her 7th year reading scriptures, books and letting her know what an important decision this is. Our ward had a “Great to be Eight” fireside where all the kids who will be 8 in the next year and their parents got to ask questions, learn more about the process and they each got a really cool towel with their name embroidered on it.  10676173_10204445278065342_8918378133890965021_nAudrey had a gymnastics showcase, and it was fun for us to get to see her do her stuff! She’s getting so strong! She’s funny and if she knows we are watching her she acts like a crazy circus clown. So her coach, my BFF Lauren, has asked us to not watch if possible ;) So usually I take the two other kids to run errands. At the end of the showcase each child got a balloon and an certificate. We all yelled and cheered for our girl, and we embarrassed her, poor thing was in tears. That’s okay, she’ll get use to us one of these days.10366168_10204491398258318_7927583779891870705_nZachary is continuing to show us just how stubborn he is. He has recently discovered how much fun it is to tease and torment his sisters, and he likes to do this any moment he’s awake. His recent love is to have Mama sing him “Book of Mormon Stories” every night before he goes to bed. So I’ve learned 5 of the 8 verses so I don’t get bored. He’s starting to request what order they go in. This month he got a big boy haircut and planes sheets, he’s excited by both. Every time Daddy does his hair he says, “Are you doing my haircut?” He also yells things back at you. I called him a funny little person and he yelled, “I’m not a person, yous a person!” Yup, thanks, buddy.10625080_10204430245449536_6564565975154766449_nAs for me, I got to experience the most fun gestational diabetes test ever. No, really, I did. I fasted for 8 hours, got my finger pricked (apparently I have excellent fasting blood sugar) and then I got to eat a yummy syrupy pancake breakfast with my family. Yummmm. I also don’t have gestational diabetes. So, whew! Baby Ruby and I hit our third trimester this month, and on Thanksgiving I hit the SINGLE digit countdown! I call this the home stretch. And I am refusing to let myself really get ready for this little girl until at least January. On her due date I plan on washing all her clothes. I know, how exciting, right?Well, sorry this post is slightly boring. But it’s for posterity’s sake! December will be a much more exciting month. Hopefully with more pictures.

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The Binders System

When I first started homeschooling I researched several different organizational methods for keeping everything running smoothly. I really loved the workbox station, but I’ve never been able to figure out how to make that work for us. It requires a lot of space, and I could never find drawers that I really liked. It just wasn’t for me. Last year I bought a ton of $1 binders in various colors and each of Sydney’s subjects was in a different binder. This worked better for us (you know, better than the imaginary workbox station that I knew wouldn’t work) but it still drove me crazy because I had PILES of binders everywhere, and Zachary loved to knock them down, there wasn’t enough room for them all, and for some subjects this just didn’t work. So I condensed and merged the two ideas into one that works amazingly for our family.

After my post on how I organize our homeschool paraphernalia (I love that word!), I decided to go a little deeper into our binders.


Because really, without them everything would fall to pieces.

Sydney has five binders. All the binders are purple, because since they were born I’ve color coded my children. Sydney is purple, Audrey is pink, Zachary is blue, baby Ruby will be yellow. If we have too many children we will have to start thinking in shades instead of colors.

The most important binder is The Sydney Binder. The cover is just a quick thing I made that says “2nd Grade” and I let Sydney color all around it. The back cover holds the maps for the reader’s instructor guide for quick and easy reference. The inside pocket holds her All About Spelling progress chart with stickers. Then there are dividors with pockets. Because I like pockets.

First divider is Reading. This holds the schedule for the book she is currently reading.
Second divider is Writing. It holds the Writing With Ease worksheets for the week.
Third divider is Science, holding the Sonlight Science C schedule for the week.
Fourth divider is Handwriting. It actually holds all the A Reason For Handwriting assignments for the entire year.
Fifth pocket is Math. Holding all the math assignments for the week.
Sixth divider is History. IN the pocket (see, I do use them!) it has the whole year’s schedule for Story of the World Volume 2: Medieval. Behind the tab it has the 6 week rotation of coloring pages. (We do 6 weeks om, 1 week off.) When it’s time to color (usually Friday) I take the coloring page out and put it on the clipboard.
Seventh divider holds all of the notebook paper. I take this out when we do spelling tests or have other needs for lined paper.
There is nothing behind the Eighth divider.

Then I move the daily assignments onto her clipboard when it’s time to do them. So at the beginning of each day she has a stack of papers that we will be working through. Her science worksheet and handwriting worksheet just stay on the clipboard for the entire week, they are never actually behind the dividers.

The first binder is Readers. This is probably the least organized of all of the binders. While I do have Sonlight’s schedule, I rarely use it with Sydney. She is an amazing reader and she doesn’t need the schedule (yet.) I have a box of the books she will be reading this school year, I let her pick which one she wants to read. We don’t go in order of the schedule. I also don’t assign her chapters per day, because she’s a great tiny human. Some days she wants to read a ton, and other days she doesn’t want to read at all. She’s human. But she always finishes the books and she is usually ahead of schedule. Occasionally she falls behind the schedule and I tell her to finish her book by a certain amount of days and she’ll get on it. Right now She’s read 7 of the 20 books assigned for the school year and we are on week 10, she’s about 3 weeks ahead. So what’s the point of the instructor’s guide then? Well, I use the questions. When she reads she tells me where she is and I ask the questions out of the IG. It also helps me to keep informed on what the books is about because I don’t always have time to preread the entire book before she gets to it. She’s a better reader than I am right now.

To keep this binder less hectic the first page lists the book list and schedule. I always put the guide back in it’s proper place. But the book she is currently working on’s guide is in the Sydney binder, ready for questions to be asked!

The second binder is Math. Currently we are using Math-U-See Beta with Sydney. I removed everything from the student packet and the test packet and put it in the binder. There is a divider separating the tests from the regular worksheets. We don’t actually use EVERY worksheet, but I keep them all in place because sometimes we need extra help and rather than preemptively throwing away worksheets we keep them all in one place. Each week I put that week’s worth of assignments in her “Sydney binders.” Worksheets that won’t be used go in the pocket, just in case they will be needed, after she has passed off the test we toss the unused worksheets.

Third binder is the Writing binder. This holds all of the Writing With Ease Level 2 worksheets. This one is not complicated, I just grab each week’s worth and put them in the Sydney binder.

Fourth binder is Science. This has a set of Sonlight’s 36 week dividers. Behind each divider is the schedule and worksheet. The week we will be working on next is always in front. The week we are currently working on is moved to the Sydney binder. The schedule goes behind the “Science” tab, the worksheet goes on the clipboard. When we are finished with the week we move the schedule and the divider with the corresponding number to the back of the binder.

Hopefully this gives you a better idea on how we implement binders to help keep our homeschool running smoothly and keep all the worksheets and curriculum organized. I definitely think that this will be a huge help to us next year as Audrey adds more binders to her shelf. Currently she has only two pink binders, the first being her Letter of the Week curriculum lesson plan (which is pretty much ignored as I remember the order of how it went) and her All About Reading Level 1 Binder. There will be a post just on the organization of All About Reading soon!

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